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  • BP oil spill pushes Louisiana to desperate, massive 'berm' plan

    BP oil spill pushes Louisiana to desperate, massive 'berm' plan

    Lambasting BP and the Coast Guard as unresponsive, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to build a wall of sand to prevent the BP oil spill from coming ashore. It's not clear whether he has the authority to adopt such a plan or whether it would even work.

  • In Pictures Sticky mess: The Gulf oil spill's impact on nature

    A heavily-oiled bird is seen after being rescued from the waters of Barataria Bay, which are laden with oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill, in Plaquemines Parish, La., on June 26.

  • Photos of the Day Photos of the Day 05/06

    A riot policeman is splattered with iced coffee outside the Greek Parliament during a protest in Athens on Thursday. Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through Greece's capital after lawmakers approved drastic cuts need to secure international rescue loans worth 110 billion euros ($140 billion).

  • In Pictures Louisiana oil spill

    This image from a video released by BP shows oil spewing from a yellowish, broken pipe 5,000 feet below the surface. The oil looks like steam rushing from a geyser. The video released May 12 gives a not-yet-seen glimpse of the leaking well a mile underwater. The stream occasionally can be seen becoming lighter as natural gas mixes into the gusher.

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