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  • Facebook IPO: Six key dates in its debacle

    Facebook's first week as a publicly traded company will go down as a terribly botched corporate launch, perhaps one of the worst in recent history for such a highly visible entity. Eight days ago, it was the tech world's most highly anticipated initial public offering in eight years. Now, the social media company faces mounting legal woes and serves as an embarrassing example of how not to run an IPO. Despite rising insider pessimism about its growth prospects, Facebook kept boosting its asking price and the number of shares it would sell. The result: billions of dollars in losses; investigations by two congressional committees, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an industry watchdog, and the state of Massachusetts; at least 13 class-action lawsuits; and thousands of resentful shareholders who days later still were unsure how many Facebook shares they had or at what price. Here are six key dates in Facebook's unfolding IPO disaster.

  • Mitt Romney's Bain problem: private equity has bad rap with public

    Mitt Romney is using his record as a job creator at Bain Capital as a selling point, but – even before President Obama's attack ads – the public isn't inclined to buy it, polls suggest.

  • Monitor Breakfast Chamber of Commerce president: don't overreact to JPMorgan losses

    US Chamber of Commerce president Thomas Donohue, at a Monitor breakfast Monday, advised a wait-and-see approach after JPMorgan's $2 billion in trading losses.

  • Chen Guangcheng: What's ahead for Chinese dissident now in the US?

    Now that Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng has reached the United States, both Beijing and Washington are hoping to put what could have been a tense diplomatic situation behind them.

  • Horizons On eve of Facebook IPO, GM pulls millions in ads

    General Motors yanks $10 million in Facebook ads. Will this affect the Facebook IPO?

  • JP Morgan loss: Did US regulators know what CEO Jamie Dimon apparently didn't? (+video)

    Federal regulators embedded at JP Morgan are supposed to get the reports that CEO Jamie Dimon gets. But in the case of JP Morgan's $2 billion loss, that might not have been much help.

  • JPMorgan reveals huge $2 billion trading loss

    JPMorgan stock drops nearly 7 percent in after-hours trading. JPMorgan CEO Dimon blames 'errors, sloppiness, and bad judgment.'

  • Should Mitt Romney worry about Ron Paul?

    Mitt Romney is way ahead of Ron Paul in the delegate count. But Paul's enthusiastic forces have been effective in controlling state party apparatus, and this could impact the GOP convention.

  • Occupy movement seeks new recruits. In New York, it found some. (+video)

    A new generation of activists skips school, flocks to Wall Street to join May Day Occupy protests. On their minds? student loans, reining in corporations, and being part of something that could matter.

  • Bill Clinton: 5 reasons he is helping Obama

    Four years ago, former President Clinton got his knuckles rapped for calling Sen. Barack Obama's presidential aspirations a "fairy tale." Now the 42nd president is appearing on the stump with No. 44. Here are five reasons for Mr. Clinton to go all out for the newest member of the Presidents Club.

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