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  • Costa Concordia: Top 4 'deceptions' by ship's captain

    From the moment that Capt. Francesco Schettino made his fateful decision to steer the Costa Concordia cruise ship close to shore, to his description of whether he stayed with the ship to help evacuate its 4,000 passengers, there has been a pattern of untruths and attempted coverup. Here are four examples, running the gamut from 'technical' to incredulous.

  • Opinion Four ways to relieve overcrowded prisons

    America’s  addiction to incarceration as a curb on crime must end. The evidence is staggering. Prison overcrowding is ubiquitous and shows few signs of abating: Between 1970 and 2005, the nation’s inmate population grew by 700 percent.In California, 54 prisoners may share a single toilet and 200 prisoners may live in a single gymnasium. As a result, the Supreme Court ruled in May 2011 that California prisons were in violation of the Eighth Amendment and its prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. Here, attorney Arjun Sethi offers four solutions to improve the overcrowded US prison system.

  • How five websites are protesting SOPA

    Five major websites will go dark on Wednesday protesting two Congressional bills, which critics argue could curtail Internet and free speech.    If passed, The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act or PIPA, would allow the US government to seek a court order and even shut down websites that contain content or links to unauthorized copyrighted content.  Moreover, advertisers and Internet service providers would be banned from doing business with transgressors.Proponents of the legislation include companies that are trying to protect their copyrights, such as the Motion Picture Association of America, The NBA, Pfizer, Nike, L'Oreal, as well as the US Chamber of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the US Conference of Mayors.However,  voices of opposition include Internet giants Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Mozilla, and Wikipedia – who say that the proposed laws constitute a First Amendment violation, promote censorship, and harm the democratic flow of information.  Check out how five major websites plan to protest SOPA and PIPA:

  • Bestselling books the week of 1/19/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

  • 10 moments from the life of Queen Elizabeth II

    From the new book 'Elizabeth the Queen,' 10 new insights into the modern monarch.

  • Possible coup in Pakistan? 4 key questions

    Pakistan’s government is facing a period of prolonged uncertainty about its future, four years after the country returned to democratic rule. Here are four key questions to explain the issues.

  • 2012 movies: 10 to look for

    Hollywood's already looking ahead to the movies for this year -- here are 10 of the most anticipated

  • Costa Concordia: Why navigation might 'fail' and other cruise ship questions

    Many questions remain unanswered after Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia, collided with rocks off the coast of Tuscany and capsized this week.

  • 10 best picture books for children

    In "100 Best Books for Children," Anita Silvey recommends picture books for children ages 2 to 8. Some of these titles have excited the eye for decades, while others are more recent additions to the canon. But all make excellent bedtime reading. 

  • Benjamin Franklin: 10 great quotes on his birthday

    As Benjamin Franklin's birthday is celebrated on Jan. 17, here are some of the best quotes from the pithy revolutionary, scientist, and writer.

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: 8 peaceful protests that bolstered civil rights

    Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. believed that nonviolent protest is the most effective weapon against a racist and unjust society. But it required rallying people to his cause. Here are some of the most revolutionary peaceful protests King led.

  • Shiite and Sunni: What are the differences?

    While the two sects share the same basic beliefs, differences in hierarchy and doctrine make Catholics and Protestants an apt comparison.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: 10 good books about the civil rights leader

    For the holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., here are 10 books detailing his life and his impact on American history.

  • 12 best books for preteens

    12 best books for preteens

  • Myanmar cease-fire: Who are the Karen rebels?

    Cease-fire talks between the Myanmar government and the Karen ethnic minority could bring an end to one of the world's longest wars. But who exactly are the Karen? 

  • 6 novels about grand passions

    6 novels about grand passions

  • What is Nigeria's Boko Haram? 5 things to know

    The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram has generated headlines with a number of bloody attacks. Scott Baldauf breaks down the group's origins, funding, and possible ties to Al Qaeda.

  • Opinion Five vital tips to succeed in college

    Many college students spent their winter break with friends and family, and are returning to campus more committed and energized. But far too many others are not. Unsuccessful students may be contemplating taking a break from school or dropping out altogether.Academic ability, while important, is only part of the picture when it comes to being successful in college. Jasmine Stirling, chief marketing officer at InsideTrack, which offers technology-enabled student coaching services, suggests five resolutions to help any college student be more successful.

  • North Korea food and nukes: 5 key questions

    North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un, is accusing the United States of politicizing food aid by linking it to a long-standing demand that North Korea halt its nuclear program.

  • David Foster Wallace's 10 favorite books

    The late great novelist David Foster Wallace's 10 favorite books.

  • 3 new novels for a new year

    Three new novels to check out in 2012

  • 15 great quotes about books

    15 great quotes about books from "A Book Addict's Treasury."

  • 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize: 7 (not 5) nominees

    Here are the seven novels that made the shortlist for the 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize.

  • Bestselling books the week of 1/12/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

  • 10 great movies by Steven Spielberg

    As his direction of 'War Horse' gets awards buzz, here are 10 of Spielberg's best films

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