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  • 'Project X': 5 famous found-footage movies

    'Project X,' a found-footage teen movie, is performing strongly at the box office – here are 5 of the most well-known movies of the genre

  • Gas prices fact check: Six ideas in Congress, but can they work?

    Soaring gas prices have also shown a consistent and significant ability to push members of Congress over the deep end. Here's the experts' take on 6 ideas floating through Congress.

  • Japan: One year after Fukushima nuclear disaster, 4 repercussions

    The March 11, 2011 Japan earthquake was one of the world's worst earthquakes. It triggered a tsunami, flooding, landslides, fires, and a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

  • 'The Lone Ranger': 5 other TV shows that became movies

    As the 'Lone Ranger' movie adaptation gets attention, here are 5 other movie adaptations of classic TV shows from the past 10 years.

  • High gas prices: what presidential candidates say they'll do about it

    Gas prices jumped 30 cents a gallon in February, and Republicans are blaming President Obama for not having a policy fix. Here's what Mr. Obama and the GOP presidential aspirants are saying on the campaign trail lately about their remedy for high gas prices.

  • Peyton Manning: Where does he rank among the best NFL quarterbacks?

    Where does Peyton Manning rank when it comes to the NFL's Top 5 best quarterbacks?

  • International Women's Day: Meet the 10 richest women

    The day before International Women's Day, Forbes magazine released its annual billionaires list for 2012 headed, predictably, by men. But this year, 14 of the richest 100 were women. In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s a countdown of the Top 10, a list that includes a few mining tycoons, a media mogul, and a pair of Wal-Mart heiresses. Which wealthy woman snagged the top spot?

  • Switching from a Mac to a PC: Five lessons from an Apple fanboy

    The Internet is filled with testimonials of people ditching their PC for a hip new Mac. Where once they trudged through stodgy spreadsheets, they now write screenplays and edit flashy videos (if the ads are to be believed). But there's almost no material documenting the opposite experience. Most of the personal switching-to-Windows stories are many years out of date and center around now-obsolete "But you can't play games and none of your software will work!" arguments.So, here are the top five things an Apple fanboy learned from two months using Windows.

  • 'Game Change': 5 revelations from the book

    As the bestselling book 'Game Change' becomes an HBO movie, here are the 5 most interesting stories from the book.

  • 6 men alleged to be LulzSec hackers

    Tuesday saw the news that the FBI had identified and charged six men allegedly behind the hacktivist group LulzSec. Who are the men that the FBI says are behind LulzSec's mayhem?

  • 10 best books of March, 2012, according to Amazon's editors

    The editors at Amazon pick their 10 favorite titles for March, 2012.

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 10 quotes on his birthday

    To celebrate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's birthday, here are some of his most memorable quotes.

  • What does the JOBS Act actually do? Six questions answered.

    A bipartisan bill known as the JOBS Act, for 'Jumpstart Our Business Startups,' is among the GOP's priorities in Congress. It is targeted at small-business owners, but what would the bill actually do?

  • International Women's Day: How it's celebrated around the globe

    International Women's Day has served for more than a century as a day to honor the achievements of women globally. Here are some ways people are celebrating:

  • Apple's new iPad brings 4G, better camera, more pixels than an HDTV

    Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad in San Francisco Wednesday afternoon, calling it the "poster child of the post-PC world." With 4G LTE wireless, Retina display, and a high-definition camera, Apple's third tablet is no doubt the best iPad yet. But can it hold back the tide of Android competitors?

  • Opinion 8 reasons America is not in decline

    As many as 70 percent of Americans believe that the United States is in decline. And who can blame them? High unemployment. Crushing debt. Political gridlock. For all the unrelenting gloom, Old Dominion University political science professor Steve Yetiv explains that America remains strong in key areas, unlikely to be superseded by another country anytime soon. He urges readers to consider these 8 facts:

  • Super Tuesday: Six things to watch for as results come in

    Ten states vote on Super Tuesday, with 419 delegates at stake. It looks as if it may be a good night for Mitt Romney, but there are many unknowns. Aside from the biggest question – who wins Ohio – here are six things to watch for as the results come in.

  • 'The Hunger Games': a quick guide for the uninitiated

    Wondering what the commotion over Suzanne Collins' 'Hunger Games' trilogy is all about? Here's a guide to help you catch up before the movie is released on March 23.

  • Gabriel García Márquez: 10 quotes for his birthday

    10 quotes from Gabriel García Márquez on his birthday.

  • Super Tuesday 101: Who’s ahead where

    Ten states are holding presidential primaries or caucuses Tuesday – and many Republicans are hoping the results begin to bring an unusually volatile primary season to a close.Here’s what to look for Tuesday night, state by state:

  • Ten ways Windows 8 outshines the iPad

    Windows 8 is now available for anyone to download, and it already shows a ton of potential. In fact, Microsoft’s bold new OS, which reminds us a lot of Windows Phone, outshines the iPad in some key areas. Granted, there were things we didn’t like in our Windows 8 Consumer Preview – — and the iPad 3 or iPad HD is just around the corner– — but there’s no question that Apple will soon have a real fight on its hands. Here are the top 10 ways Windows 8 is better than the iPad right now.

  • Shaquille O’Neal: 10 quotes on his birthday

    To mark basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal's March 6 birthday, here are 10 favorite quotes.

  • A hard landing for China? Six top economists weigh in.

    China's economy grew 8.9 percent last quarter, the slowest pace in 2.5 years, and on Monday Premier Wen Jiabao cut the nation's growth target for 2012 to 7.5 percent, an eight-year low. Worries of a Chinese hard landing, defined as a sharp and sudden deceleration in growth, have gained momentum. However, China has been proactive in its efforts to prevent a hard landing.  It has fine-tuned its policies to curb inflation, boost domestic consumption, and prevent a housing bubble. The Chinese government intervened heavily from 1989 to 1991 to cool its economy, causing real growth in gross domestic product to plunge to 4.1 percent in 1989, from 11.3 percent the previous year. It stepped in again in 1993. And some argue that this time around it's no different, and that the government knows exactly what it is doing. So we asked six top China analysts whether they saw a hard or soft landing scenario and what we should keep an eye on.

  • Opinion 3 reasons not to attack Iran

    As tensions over a defiant Iran and its nuclear program escalate, the debate in Washington over preemptive military strikes heats up, even as Israel warns the US it may attack Tehran's nuclear facilities. Edward Haley, professor of international strategic studies at Claremont McKenna College, gives three reasons not to attack Iran:

  • 10 best Facebook apps and games

    Because there's a seemingly endless catalog of Facebook apps to choose from, here's a list of the few that are actually worth trying. From classics such as Words with Friends to fresh upstarts like Pinterest, these are the best, most entertaining, and most intriguing Facebook apps out there. 

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