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  • From Willie Horton to windsurfing: Five top political attack ads

    Political attacks ads: love 'em or hate 'em, but they’re here to stay, and this election year stands to be a watershed moment in their use. Here's a look at what are considered to be some of the most memorable and effective attack ads utilized over the years. 

  • Queen Victoria: 6 stories from her diaries

    A new website features the entire text of Queen Victoria's diaries. Here are six excerpts.

  • After graduation: Five real-world steps to success

    With graduation day around the corner, Modern Parenthood caught up with Cindy Brown, author of the book “The Girls Guide to Swagger,” to ask her what her top tips would be for new graduates going off into the “real world.” 

  • Opinion 6 factors that will determine concessions from Iran

    Can war with Iran can be avoided? In recent talks with the West in Baghdad, Iran showed some greater flexibility about its nuclear program. But Iran has a history of trickery in the nuclear arena. Whether Tehran will cooperates with Western demands depends on the following six factors.

  • Could 'fiscal cliff' push US into recession? Four questions answered.

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warned in a report Tuesday that if Congress does not deal with a raft of fiscal measures by Dec. 31, the US could enter another recession. So what is this fiscal cliff and what is Congress doing about it? 

  • Where gas prices are highest

    Gasoline is a very visible price, and closely watched by many drivers.  Petroleum prices impact many products, from food to industrial production.  While the cost of crude is the major factor in gasoline price volatility, some countries levy taxes on fossil fuels.   Here are ten countries where high gas prices are the norm, according to British insurance firm Staveley Head.

  • Bob Dylan: 20 best lyrics on his birthday

    For legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's birthday, here are our picks for his 20 best lyrics of all time.

  • 4 noteworthy new novels: What happens when a past love reappears?

    These four new novels all feature the specter of a past relationship.

  • Commencement season: Speakers share inspiration, insight, and advice with college grads

    It’s college graduation season and the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance,” which began in late April, will be heard at commencement ceremonies until mid-June. Many more speeches have yet to be given that impart the usual pearls of wisdom and advice on pursuing dreams, being daring, and contributing to society. Here’s a sampling of excerpts from speeches given to graduates around the country.

  • Bob Moog: 6 artists influenced by his work

    On what would have been Moog's 78th birthday, here are 6 musicians whose work was influenced by his groundbreaking technologies.

  • Andy Cohen: 7 stories from his new book

    In his new memoir 'Most Talkative,' the Bravo executive and host recounts everything from high school to crazy experiences on his talk show.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson: 15 quotes on his birthday

    Emerson would be 209 years old on May 25th. Here are 15 of his more memorable aphorisms.

  • Donald Driver wins 'Dancing with the Stars.' Five lessons you can learn.

    Donald Driver was crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champion Tuesday night. Over the 14 seasons of "Dancing with the Stars," many contestants have talked about the life-transforming benefits of ballroom dancing, including weight loss, increased self-confidence, a sense of pride in accomplishing something they’ve never done before, and, importantly, joy. Here are five business lessons the ballroom world has to offer everyone.

  • Bestselling books the week of 5/24/12, according to IndieBound*

    What's selling best in independent bookstores across America.

  • 'Double Time': 6 stories about bringing up twins

    First-time parenting? Try it times two. Writer Jane Roper shares her stories from her first three years of mothering twins.

  • Opinion 6 job interview mistakes to avoid

    Although the economy seems to be showing signs of improvement, there are still more applicants for every job opening than there are available positions. In a survey, HR professionals outlined six interview mistakes that can instantly kill the possibility of receiving an offer.

  • Five things Ron Paul wants from the Republican National Convention

    It looks as if Ron Paul is going to be an active participant in the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.  Here’s our take on the five things Paul hopes to gain from staying within his party’s tent in 2012.

  • Top 10 most expensive car repair mistakes

    Better built cars and an uncertain economy mean that Americans are holding onto their cars for longer than ever and are doing more of their own repairs. Nearly half of those who already do their own auto repairs say they are doing more of them themselves this year; 3 in 4 of those who rely on a mechanic say that economic conditions are making them more likely to attempt their own repairs, according to a recent survey by But there are mistakes that even the most seasoned do-it-yourselfers can make. Whether you like to go under the hood or take your vehicle to the shop, here are 10 expensive repair and maintenance mistakes to avoid:

  • 6 stories about life with your adult children

    In "Slouching Toward Adulthood," Sally Koslow shares what she learned about the differences between the boomer and Facebook generations.

  • 10 great books about cycling

    Whether you ride a bike or not, summer is the perfect time to pick up a book about cycling.

  • 12 parenting advice tips from Bruce Springsteen lyrics

    Setting out to prove that Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics are not only about cars and being on the run; but can provide great inspiration for being a good parent.

  • Three lessons of Jeremiah Wright plan against Obama

    News about a proposal to use the Rev. Jeremiah Wright against President Obama in a GOP “super PAC” ad campaign caused the political world to combust. Charges of “race-baiting” flew, and suddenly the idea was an orphan. It’s safe to say, the ads will never be made. But there are lessons to be learned. 

  • Opinion 3 ways the US can start an economic 'reset' with Russia

    After Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled his trip to Camp David for the G8 Summit this weekend, tensions between Russia and the US are running high. The United States must design a new relationship with this often difficult leader and his country. Washington needs a new reset that includes these three key components:

  • Beyond SpaceX: Five companies seeking to change space travel

    During the past 10 years, Presidents George W. Bush and Obama have directed NASA to turn the job of transporting cargo and crew to the space station over to the private sector. As that process gathers pace, here is a list of the key players.

  • Gay rights in America: How states stand on 7 hot-button issues

    The tapestry of federal and state laws surrounding gay rights is enormously complex. Here is a look at each state's laws regarding issues ranging from gay marriage to hate crimes to hospital visitation. 

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