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Monitor Archive for September 14, 2004

Trash talk trumping policy talk
Beset by New Haven's ills, Yale revitalizes city
Life in Baghdad: Better and worse
At 10th anniversary, a far poorer Palestinian Authority
On a vulnerable stretch of Florida sand, residents brace - again
Tallest US dunes become newest park
A statistical nod to cubicle workers
One Israeli's trip to Jenin, then jail
Russian terrorism prompts power grab
Reporters on the Job
Economics of NHL lockout
What, Assault Rifles Are Back?
Time to Test China and Russia
Campaign panic in perfect Times Roman
Bush likability trumping record
It all starts by looking a baby right in the eyes
The widow bride of Niagara
The woman who revolutionized nursing
Beyond the point of no return
College behind bars is rare today
Why today's parents require better college orientations
Lucy and the bad dreams
Our fall picks
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