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Critical Infrastructure

  • Passcode Voices Industrial control systems: The holy grail of cyberwar

    Regulators and utility industry leaders need to wake up to the risks that could let malicious hackers cause widespread physical damage to the grid and other critical infrastructure.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: The tech behind Bitcoin could reinvent cybersecurity

    Blockchains track, record, and secure transactions made within the virtual currency Bitcoin. They can also help defend many critical systems from devastating cyberattacks.

  • Are software updates key to stopping criminal car hacks?

    Security researchers at New York University have developed a system that aims provide secure software updates for computerized vehicles.

  • Why it matters to call voting booths 'critical infrastructure'

    The Department of Homeland Security designated 'election infrastructure' among the country's most valuable and critical industries and sectors. That could trigger greater protections at the ballot box against malicious hackers.

  • In separate attack, Russian hacker targeted US election agency

    While experts say the attack isn’t connected to recent political hacks, it highlights a troubling lack of digital security within US government organizations.

  • As self-driving cars hit the road, cybersecurity takes a back seat

    While consumers and industry experts worry about cybersecurity in autonomous vehicles, government regulators are still struggling to respond to digital risks in driverless cars.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: Think hackers will tip the vote? Read this first

    In the final stretch of the presidential campaign, there's growing concern hackers could strike on Election Day. But while there are concerns about cybersecurity at polling places, altering an election is another matter altogether. 

  • Is Wall Street bad for cybersecurity?

    After an investment firm released apparent digital flaws in a company's products to profit on Wall Street, experts worry that security researchers may prioritize quick gains over public safety.

  • Homeland Security increases focus on cybersecurity at the polls

    Robert Silvers, assistant secretary for cybersecurity at Homeland Security, said the agency is helping states fortify voting systems against digital tampering before November's presidential election.

  • Influencers: Calling it 'critical infrastructure' won't protect the vote

    While US officials and politicians have suggested designating election systems as critical infrastructure in the aftermath of the Democratic National Committee hack, 62 percent of Passcode's Influencers said that's not enough to safeguard voting from hackers.

  • From Estonia, lessons for the Age of Cyberwar

    Attackers crippled Estonia's digital networks in 2007. Since then, it has shored up cyberdefenses while expanding connectivity to every corner of daily life.

  • Cybersecurity firm stirs controversy in alleging medical device flaws

    The firm MedSec went to an investment advisory firm instead of medical device maker St. Jude to disclose potential security vulnerabilities.

  • Lessons from a digital mercenary: Beware the ‘October Surprise'

    Cybersecurity expert Chris Rock researched ways to overthrow a government using only his computer for a talk at the DEF CON hacker conference in Las Vegas – and he says there are some lessons for the US elections.

  • Homeland Security chief weighs plan to protect voting from hackers

    Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said he's considering whether to designate the US election system as critical infrastructure, which could trigger greater cybersecurity at the ballot box.

  • Passcode Voices Opinion: How to make democracy harder to hack

    Designating the machinery underpinning our democracy – such as voting booths – as critical infrastructure would trigger protections for voting and better safeguard it from meddling hackers.

  • Podcast: 'Zero Days' director Alex Gibney on making Stuxnet a movie star

    An award-winning director discusses the challenges of making a documentary about a top secret digital weapon. Officials from both countries believed to be responsible for the virus meant to slow Iran's nuclear program won't publicly acknowledge it ever existed. 

  • Podcast: Why a Ukraine-style hack on US power grid isn't likely

    Rob Lee, cofounder of cybersecurity company Dragos Security, who personally investigated the Ukraine hack, downplays the imminent risk of a major, isolated attack on the US power grid. 

  • Flaws in networking devices highlight tech industry's quality control problem

    Researchers have uncovered security vulnerabilities in widely used remote power management equipment that many say is the byproduct of a technology supply chain plagued with quality control issues. 

  • Hard lessons for Energy Dept., power sector after Ukraine hack (+video)

    At a Passcode event Thursday, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall said the unprecedented cyberattack in Ukraine provides valuable lessons for the US power industry. 

  • Why GPS is more vulnerable than ever

    The space-based navigation and timing system faces a growing risk of attack. But there is a simple solution.

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