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Critical Infrastructure

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  • Why it matters to call voting booths 'critical infrastructure'

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  • Homeland Security increases focus on cybersecurity at the polls

  • Influencers: Calling it 'critical infrastructure' won't protect the vote

  • From Estonia, lessons for the Age of Cyberwar

  • Cybersecurity firm stirs controversy in alleging medical device flaws

  • Lessons from a digital mercenary: Beware the ‘October Surprise'

  • Homeland Security chief weighs plan to protect voting from hackers

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  • Podcast: 'Zero Days' director Alex Gibney on making Stuxnet a movie star

  • Podcast: Why a Ukraine-style hack on US power grid isn't likely

  • Flaws in networking devices highlight tech industry's quality control problem

  • Hard lessons for Energy Dept., power sector after Ukraine hack (+video)

  • Why GPS is more vulnerable than ever

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