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Tariq Aziz and Iraq's most-wanted deck of cards: where are the aces and kings now?

- Correspondent

4. The diamonds

Ace of diamonds Abid Hamid Mahmoud al-Tikriti was fourth on the US’s most-wanted list (only Hussein and Hussein’s two sons trumped him). He was a key advisor to Hussein and is often described as both the presidential secretary and one of the few Hussein trusted. He was likely second or third in command. He was captured by US forces in 2003 and is currently on trial.
King of diamonds Aziz Saleh al-Numan was a Baath Party regional command chairman and the Iraqi governor of Kuwait following Iraq's 1991 invasion of that country. He was No. 8 on the US most-wanted list. He was captured in 2003 and sentenced to seven years in prison in August.