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Haiti earthquake: The nations that are stepping up to help

Pledges of financial and material aid to Haiti continue to roll in from around the globe. A look at what nation's are doing to help.

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European nations are promising tens of millions of dollars in aid and throngs of search-and-rescue (SAR) teams.

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Several Asian nations meanwhile have been quick to dispatch supplies and funds. South Korea has pledged $1 million in aid and Taiwan 23 rescue workers while the Japanese government is prepared to give up to $5 million in support along with $330,000 worth of tents and blankets.

China too has made significant efforts to help the Haitian people despite having no diplomatic ties with the Haitian government. An Air China plane landed in Port-au-Prince early Thursday with 10 tons of food, equipment, and medicine. Beijing is also preparing a 60-member SAR team equipped with sniffer dogs and has promised $1 million in emergency aid.

As philanthropic momentum to support Haiti builds, here is an incomplete list of the current international donors:

Australia: $9.3 million aid package, half of which is to be provided immediately.

Brazil: Aircraft delivering water and food, medicine, equipment, and a Search and rescue team with sniffer dogs.

Israel: Two plane loads of aid and rescue staff of 240, including 40 doctors and nurses to set up a field hospital capable of serving 500 people a day.

Switzerland: A rescue team to arrive overland from the Dominican Republic and a plane carrying 40-50 tons of aid is to arrive on Friday.

India: $1 million in support

Venezuela: doctors, firefighters, and rescue workers are en route.

Sweden: $850,000, tents, water purification equipment, medical aid, and a team to rebuild the U.N.’s demolished headquarters.

Cuba: 30 Cuban doctors have already arrived.

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