Kate Middleton: New succession rules could make her mother of Britain’s next queen

If Kate Middleton's first-born were to be female, under new succession rules that daughter would be guaranteed the throne. Here are three would-be queens who missed out to younger brothers in the past 500 years.

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Elizabeth of Bohemia

Elizabeth was the eldest daughter of King James of England and Anne of Denmark, who had seven children. After her older brother, the first-born Henry, died in 1612, the right to the throne passed to her younger brother Charles.

She ended up marrying Frederick V who later became King of Bohemia – for about a nanosecond in 1619. Thus her stint as Queen of Bohemia was short-lived.

But perhaps her greatest claim to fame is that today’s ruling House of Windsor is descended from her line – and that includes Prince William.

Her brother King Charles I, whose controversial policies contributed to the Puritan exodus to America, met an unhappy fate: He was executed in 1648.

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