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Facebook draws 7,000 to anti-Muslim pork sausage party in Paris

A group calling for "resistance to the Islamization of France" is using Facebook to advertise an anti-Muslim party at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris Friday. Some 7,000 have RSVPed already.

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French authorities have lately reined in apéro géant after a man fell off a bridge and was killed; an apéro géant aiming at 10,000 drinkers beneath the Eiffel Tower two weeks ago was also banned.

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Some conservative media have played the pork party ban as an abridgment of free speech.

Marine Le Pen, deputy leader of the right-wing National Front (FN) party, calls the ban a “capitulation” by authorities to Muslims.

The conservative American Thinker website ran a blog notice titled “Creeping Sharia,” suggesting that concern by Paris city hall of a riot or casualties is a bending to Islamic law.

That is hardly the main reading in France.

A more authentic comparison might be a neo-Nazi group holding a pork barbecue in front of a synagogue in a Hasidic Brooklyn neighborhood on Passover, then, when the city bans the event, calling the response “Creeping Torah.”

French Protestant clergy are opposing the anti-Muslim party, including Friday’s “festival” at Arc de Triomphe – calling it “explicitly racial and religiously motivated.” Pastors have written letters comparing derogatory images of Muslims in the Facebook invitation to ugly images of Jews broadcast during the Vichy regime under the Nazis.

Pastor James Woody of the Paris church Oratoire du Louvre said of the event that, “a rally specifically aimed at fellow citizens of France who are Muslim, using the French flag – that is not the way to do something in brotherhood.”

Websites associated with the party claim Goutte d’Or has become so Islamized that pork is no longer sold there. But French media in recent days have published photos of piles of pork sausages and ham legs in the windows of shops in the Paris neighborhood.