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As Iceland volcano ash lingers over Europe, stranded travelers' patience wanes

Planes across most of Western Europe were grounded for a fourth day Sunday as a cloud of ash from last week's Iceland volcano continues to hang in the air above. Stranded travelers are losing time, money – and patience.

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The three discussed which airline’s representatives were worse at picking up the phones – Air Canada, Saudi Airlines, or Iberia.

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Dorgan puts in a word for Cyprus-Turkish airlines. William and Gloria suggest Qantas. The American contractors show everyone photos of their kids on their Iphones.

Red Bull to the rescue?

Into this mix come the Red Bull girls -- as the drinks company, never ones to let a little volcanic ash temper their promotional spirit, has sent over an army of good looking young women, many of whom seemed to be called Poppy and Georgie, to Terminals 1, 2, and 3 with coolers. The Saudis raise their eyebrows.

The contractors snap some more photos.

A veritable global village.

From Edinburgh to Oslo, by car – and train

Over at Saint Pancras International rail station in central London, meanwhile, thousands of travelers who thought to leave Britain by train waited patiently on incredibly long lines to try and buy Eurorail tickets which would get them to Paris or Brussels from which – well, it was not immediately clear where they would go from there.

“From Brussels, I will get a taxi to this rental car office where I have managed to book a car in Antwerp, and from there, drive to Oslo” explained a flustered Diana Miller who had already hitchhiked from Edinburgh to London and was not really sure how long it might take to drive from Antwerp to her hometown of Oslo (an approximately 1500 kilometer trip)

“Do I like to drive?” she ponders. “No, not at all.”

Even the best of schemes sometimes led to exactly nowhere.

For, despite all the extra trains – Eurorail added on eight high- speed trains Saturday – many would-be passengers could not get a seat.

“All Euro star services are fully booked,” repeated the voice over the loudspeakers. “It is currently not possible to buy or exchange a ticket ... All Euro star services are fully booked....”

“Let's go get some sliced pineapple,” suggests stranded traveler Roland Didier, a baseball player from France with a tote bag.

“Sliced pineapple?” his friends don’t understand.

“Do you have any better ideas for the moment?” he counters.

These are random times, and pineapples it is.