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Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia fled to Turkey's Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Sunday, calling a new sodomy allegation against him "a complete fabrication." The onetime deputy prime minister was imprisoned on the same charge in the late 1990s until the nation's highest court overturned his conviction and freed him four years ago. The new accusation was made by an aide in his early 20s at a time when the three-party coalition Anwar leads was threatening to bring down the ruling National Front.

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An estimated 10,000 people set fire to government buildings and more than a dozen police vehicles in southwestern China to vent their fury over the alleged coverup of a teenager's death, reports said Sunday. The violence in Guizhou Province came after authorities said the high school student had committed suicide by jumping from a bridge. A Hong Kong-based human rights group said she had been raped and murdered by men with links to the local security bureau.

A police officer and five other people were killed Saturday in Mexico, bringing to nine the number of law enforcement deaths there in a 48-hour span – and more than 450 since the government began a crackdown on organized crime two years ago. Late Thursday night, six other policemen were killed by automatic weapons fire when their patrol ran into a roadblock set up by suspected drug-gang hit men in Sinaloa State.

Member nations of the new Bank of the South announced it will establish a capital fund of $10 billion for development projects across South America. The bank was set up by Venezuela last fall as a counterweight to the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and private US lenders.