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Hundreds of heavily armed African Union troops landed in the Comoros archipelago for an expected offensive to oust the leader of one of its three islands. Mohammad Bacar of Anjouan has refused to cede power, saying he is "outraged" at the impending invasion. But the umbrella government for the islands has sought his removal over a harsh crackdown against dissent. Each of the Indian Ocean islands has its own president and legislature.

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All travelers to Bhutan must arrive at their destinations by 6 p.m. Sunday, the government said, since border crossings will be sealed until after next week's historic election to bring democracy to the Himalayan kingdom. The vote hasn't been welcomed universally, and a wave of terrorist bomb explosions since late January has killed one person and wounded two others. Bhutan has been a monarchy for 100 years. Above, a candidate for parliament seeks votes in Thimpu, the capital.

Waves as high as 30 feet were forecast for Easter weekend in the eastern Caribbean, and authorities advised coastal residents and vacationers to avoid beaches and boat owners to remain in port. "It's not a tsunami, but we need to take the same precaution," a National Weather Service official in Puerto Rico said. An intense low-pressure system was affecting conditions from Puerto Rico south to Trinidad and Tobago.

A college student was awarded $11,000 in grants to develop a new means of generating electricity for schools in Africa. Daniel Sheridan of Coventry University in England, a former volunteer on a school construction project in Kenya, designed a seesaw that sends power to underground storage units when ridden by children. His calculations show that 10 minutes of use could produce enough to light a classroom for an evening.