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Is Michele Bachmann's campaign in danger?

Her campaign manager, Ed Rollins, and deputy campaign manager, David Polyansky, moved on to other duties over the weekend. Is presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann the new Newt Gingrich?

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Worse for her, 18 percent of respondents in the poll said her positions are so extreme they would never vote for her. She led that particular category.

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The entry of Sen. Rick Perry (R) of Texas into the race may have sapped energy out of the Bachmann campaign. Tellingly, the first anti-Perry attack ad in the race came from a Super-PAC linked to Bachmann, pointed out conservative blogger Erick Erickson over the weekend.

Bachmann has lost traction in Iowa, wrote Mr. Erickson, editor of the RedState blog.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking to people on the ground in Iowa and South Carolina in the past week and there is a sense among activists on the ground that Bachmann is starting to fade. It is not that they do not like her. In fact, they love her. But there is a creeping sense that she cannot beat Obama and they want someone who can beat Obama,” wrote Erickson.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey out Monday confirms that Bachmann's Iowa position is slipping. An Iowa native, she has long staked her candidacy on doing well there.

But the Rasmussen poll shows that Governor Perry has moved into first place, as the choice of 29 percent of Iowa Republican voters. Bachmann, the choice of 18 percent, is essentially tied for second with Mitt Romney, who is making little effort in the state.

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