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Hey, it's the Rod Blagojevich reality TV show - live from a jungle

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The always funny Andrew Malcolm over at the LA Times has an idea on how to expand the series:

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"Every week someone new: Harry Reid selling blond hair dye door-to-door in Japan, Joy Behar going through vow-of-silence training in a Nepalese monastery, Jackie Mason presiding over six-party talks with puzzled North Koreans, Rahm Emanuel in %&*$# vulgarity therapy, Billy Mays giving a sermon, Katie Couric doing a serious political interview, Rep. Ron Paul at a Las Vegas craps table with someone else's money. You get the idea."

OpiniPundit says the show is record-breaking, in a sense: "And I didn't think TV could sink any lower than 'The Anna Nicole Show'".

Meanwhile, Kate Ward at Entertainment Weekly likes it.

"I, for one, could not be happier with this news. The guy has zero chance of jumpstarting his political career once again, so why not send him into a jungle with a series of has-beens? Better yet, instead of jail time, why not make Blago stay down in Costa Rica with Z-list celebs for the duration of his pending sentence? I'd say a few days with the Verne Troyers of the world is worse than several years in the penitentiary."

NBC's Zach Christman probably sums it up best.
"If the Letterman episode Blago appeared on was any indication, I'm a Celebrity is sure to be a guilty pleasure we won't be able to turn off."

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