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Live blogging Blago's radio show on Chicago's WLS

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Blago then talks about the waste of government that is happening under Quinn.

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Here's some examples. Now he is reading off Illinois legislators who have two jobs -- calling them double-dippers. Making money not only as lawmakers but at government jobs.

"You have the power to change that" he tells listeners. "Call them."

"Politicians are surrounded by lobbyists. You don't have to take it," he said. One thing that politicians respond to is the voices of the people, he adds. "If you take the time to learn who your lawmakers are, you might be able to keep them from raising your taxes."

Goes to the phone

9:13am -- Blago takes a call from Patty. She's very supportive. Are they screening these calls?

"They were gunning for you from the "jump street," Patty says. Is that a saying?

"I miss being the governor, Blago says.

"The same thing that happened to you happened to President Clinton, Patty said. From the moment Clinton was in office there were people gunning for you," she says.

"You will be vindicated, Patty promises.

9:16am Takes a call from Jim from Aurora

"Why didn't you reveal the names of the double dippers beforehand?" Jim asks.

"I did," Blago responds.

Was it made as public?

"As much as it could. Hard to get the newspapers to cover everything."

News and weather

New music

9:24 am - No Elvis this time. Music from "Jesus Christ Superstar" is being played.

He's got two actors who are in "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" -- the spoof musical run by Second City theater.

Actor: "We're here for your comfort this morning, Rod."

Actor 2: "You sell a lot of tickets." Much laughter.

And then an invitation.

Actor: "We want you to see the show. Anytime you want. In fact, we'd love you to be in the show."

Blago: "I think I'd like to see the show."

Actor who plays Blago: "I feel like Laurence Olivier meeting Hamlet. " Everyone laughs.

Actor: "We want you to learn some of the parts. Be an understudy."

Blago: "I'd like to play the US Attorney and I'd be real nice to the governor," Blago said. Everyone laughs.

Blago: Is it a family show?

Actor: Yes. Kids who want to grow up fast. And kids who have horrible parents. Everyone laughs.

News and weather

9:38am -- More Elvis -- Viva Las Vegas.

"I sure do love Elvis," Blago says.

There's a cancellation. The reporter or columnist from USA Today is a no-show. S0 Blago is going to share some insights as to what really happens in politics.

Using to time to proclaim his innocence. Talking about double-dippers again.

“Let me make a prediction,” Blago says.

Quinn and Madigan may come back and try to sell the people on a “temporary tax.”.A temporary surcharge.

They are lying to you, Blago says. Any tax increase is permanent.

Traffic and weather


Blago takes a call from a Republican. Says he voted against Blago three times, including one time in a Democratic primary.

Then he stands up for Blago. Says he tells people at work that Blago was railroaded.

We want some hair jokes. Or bring back the guys from Rod Blagojevich Superstar.

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