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Limbaugh rips into GOP chair - "Republicans hang up on you!"

By Jimmy Orr / March 2, 2009

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh tore into GOP chair Michael Steele today over remarks Steele made on CNN Saturday. "If I were chairman of the Republican Party, given the state that it’s in, I would quit," Limbaugh said.



Maybe this is all part of a plan.

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Perhaps GOP Chair Michael Steele is fighting Rush Limbaugh now so when the next election heats up, he'll have honed his debating skills.

Moon crash

Far fetched? Who knows, look at the Chinese government. Yesterday they crashed a lunar probe into the moon. Crashed it.

What happened? Oh, it was on purpose.

According to Information Week, they did it to get "lunar landing experience."


Now, that's good. That's Ari Fleischer and Michael McCurry good. That's Drew Rosenhaus good. That even tops Baghdad Bob.

They crashed a satellite into the moon to get "lunar landing experience." Awesome.

Steele's experience

So maybe this is what Michael Steele is doing. He's taking on a pit bull who's the most listened to radio host in America. He's taking on the guy who can get a crowd rabid like Hank Williams, Jr. at a NASCAR event or Sarah Palin at a tractor pull. Or Joe Biden at a

And Limbaugh did exactly that on Saturday. Sure, he was in friendly confines. He was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference. A conference that Chris Matthews compared to a Star Trek convention.

Regardless, Limbaugh's got a lot of juice left. And taking him on can bring back mixed results.

This is CNN

Today's issue was over what Steele said while appearing on CNN Saturday night.

First of all, the GOP chair didn't like it when host D.L. Hughley said Limbaugh was the de facto leader of the Republican party claiming that was his mantle.

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