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McCain grasps for critical red states with 8 days to go

By Jimmy Orr / October 27, 2008

Jake Turcotte


Where to go with just eight days left?

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If this were a monopoly game, you'd head toward the properties that are still up for grabs.

Boardwalk, Park Place

The big properties are already gone. California with its 55 electoral votes is like Boardwalk – and it looks solidly in blue territory. Texas with its 34 would be Park Place – and it's dyed-in-the-wool red. New York with 31? It's Pennsylvania Avenue, and it's Obama territory.

Up for grabs

But Florida is like North Carolina Avenue, and it is still up for grabs with 27 electoral votes. So, the Sunshine state will see a lot of the two campaigns.

Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana and Missouri are all targeted as well. The other thing these states have in common? These are all states that President Bush won in 2004. So McCain is playing a lot of defense. The only offense McCain is playing is in Pennsylvania.

How do the candidates stack up so far?


Joe Biden is all over the Sunshine state. Floridians will see him for a solid three days. Biden has proven to be non-partisan in this year's contest, attacking John McCain and Barack Obama equally.

No word if he will continue to warn voters of international crises if he and Obama are elected to the Oval Office. Perhaps he will pivot and begin attacking his running mate for ties to Tony Rezko.

If Barack Obama had a big crowd in Denver yesterday, then who knows how the big the crowd will be in Orlando on Wednesday. Obama will be joined by President Bill Clinton. Obama and Hillary Clinton attracted 50,000 people last week.

According to CNN's Poll of Polls (and there should be a poll to determine how well that poll polls), Obama has a three-point edge in Florida.

Sarah Palin was there Sunday, and in front of a raucous crowd warned Obama not to turn out the lights quite yet.

"This thing isn't over yet." Palin said, "Where I come from, you have to win the game before you start cutting down the net."


McCain is in Cleveland and Dayton today while Obama is in Canton. The poll of polls shows Obama to have a five point edge in the Buckeye state.

Obama, according to his campaign, will deliver his closing argument for his candidacy today in Canton.

He will, in his prepared remarks, continue to use a tweaked version of Ronald Reagan's old "Are you better off" line.

"The question in this election is not: Are you better off than you were four years ago? We know the answer to that. The real question is: Will this country be better off four years from now?"

We're assuming as it is delivered by Obama and not his running mate, the answer to this question would be favorable to his campaign.


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