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Obama breaks the bank - raises $150 million in September

By Jimmy Orr / October 19, 2008

Jake Turcotte


Joe the Plumber doesn't have to worry.  Barack Obama doesn't need to raise taxes.  All he's got to do is continue to raise money personally.

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On Friday night Obama jokingly announced that his real middle name was Steve.  He should change it to Guinness.  As in "world-record" Guinness.

Lotta dough

For the month of September, cool-hand Barack raised a staggering $150 million.  To put it in perspective, that broke the prior record (also owned by Obama) of $67 million.

No wonder he's bought up some infomercial time at the end of the month and he's putting ads on video games.  Where else is he going to spend it?  Is he going to start advertising in Utah now?

Good morning

Supporters were greeted by an email early this morning from Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe with news of big, big crowds greeting Obama in St. Louis and Kansas City (even larger than Sarah Palin crowds) and word of positive fundraising efforts.

"Supporters like you have completely transformed how political campaigns raise money, so I wanted you to be the first to know how we did in September," he wrote.


Then, astutely like the Obama campaign continues to do, they included a link to the video where Plouffe discusses where the campaign stands and even asked for more money.

"You've probably seen, if you live in a battleground state, the 'robo-calls', the mailpieces, the nasty ads and the nasty radio ads," Plouffe explains.  "They are just going to increase in intensity.  And we have to have the ability to fight back against that."

"We also have to be able to put up ads and send out our own calls in response to the slime we're getting from the McCain campaign," he said.

New battlegrounds

Plouffe announced they were expanding their operation in newly minted battleground states such as West Virginia.  Plouffe also mentioned tightening polls in North Dakota and Georgia.

"We're always on the lookout for expansion," Plouffe added.

Ready for some football

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