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McCain, Palin, Letterman and SNL - what a week

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It would have been a missed opportunity had the writers not lampooned the "I'll get back to ya'" gaffe that the real-life Palin used when Couric stumped her. They played that line when discussing foreign policy.

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COURIC: "What lessons have you learned from Iraq and how specifically, would you spread democracy abroad?"

PALIN: "Specifically, we would make every effort possible to spread democracy abroad to those who want it."

COURIC: "Yes, but specifically what would you do?"

PALIN: "We're gonna promote freedom. Usher in democratic values and ideals. And fight terror-loving terrorists."

COURIC: "But again, and not to belabor the point. One specific thing."

PALIN: "Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines."

COURIC: "I'm sorry?"

PALIN: "I want to phone a friend."

COURIC: "You don't have any lifelines."

PALIN: "Well in that case I'm gonna just have to get back to ya'"

Wondering if Palin might call for a suspension of her campaign next week to work on a legislastive issue? If so, she should make sure she's not scheduled for the David Letterman show. He's already got enough material.

Cancel Letterman - stat!

The comedy-drama all started on Wednesday when McCain suspended his campaign in order to fly to Washington to work on the financial bailout - something that was criticized as a stunt, ploy, shenanigan or insert similar-meaning word.

But pundits also likened the move to vintage John McCain - someone who will throw the dice when necessary to shake things up - which it did.

It got most everyone talking about the strategy tactic rather than the downward slipping of polls, his running mate's disastrous interview with Katie Couric and his campaign manager's seeming inextricable links to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Make 'em laugh

The key words in the above paragraph is almost everyone. The people who did take note could have more sway than the omnipresent Wolf Blitzer or Keith Olbermann. People tune in to David Letterman and Saturday Night Live to laugh - not that Wolf isn't funny or anything.

But, to our knowledge, Gallup hasn't conducted such a poll yet - but we'd be willing to bet that Letterman and SNL would have higher favorable ratings than Blitzer and Olbermann.

Letterman strikes back

The Republican nominee was supposed to appear on Letterman's show Wednesday night. This is something McCain has done many times before. This was supposed to be his 12th appearance, in fact.

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