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McCain, Palin and you. Readers talk about the VP pick

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ChiefUSN is comparing Palin to the Iron Lady:

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This is the GOP’s Margaret Thatcher... From Palin’s extemporaneous remarks and demeanor, one may rightly concede that this woman will be nobody’s doormat. She is obviously willing to take on the best the opposition can provide. Sorry, Hillary, we hear the sound of the glass ceiling shattering.

Laurie sums it up simply:

Terrible choice. I guess McCain needs a headcheck.

JK believes this was great strategy:

This is the best move I could imagine. Count those Hillary votes headed to McCain!!

Kevin agrees. There was strategy involved. But it's transparent bad strategy:

Yes! What an obvious ploy. Obama has it wrapped up now.

President George H.W. Bush's vice president keeps being brought up. Vince did:

This makes Dan Quayle look like Thomas Jefferson

In the "didn't see this one coming" department, Dave sends this one in:

Look I am no fan of Bush, but I see Obama as just another Bush in disguise.

Rob H brought up something that the opposition research team for Obama's camp must have let slip by:

Maybe John will want to enter her into a biker beauty contest when Cindy is away. He’s done that sort of thing before, although he said he regrets it.

McCain entered someone in a biker beauty contest? What?

Richard Hed isn't a fan of Geo Beach:

This from the “best columnist.” Brain freeze is an environmental hazard in Alaska.

And it wouldn't be a political discussion without abortion being brought up, now would it? Big Daddy goes all-out Baretta:

Don’t do the crime (sex) if you can’t do the time (parent)!

Finally, a word to our readers. We love your comments. Keep 'em coming. And if you really want others to read your point of view, keep these thoughts in mind:

Keep your message short. Brevity works. If you want to write a manifesto, go ahead but chances are it won't see the light of day.

Is name-calling really necessary? If someone sees "Nobama" or "McSame" in your message, they know exactly where you stand and your chances of getting them to read your post are minimal.

Don't write in all caps. Why do this? No one will read your post. You're screaming. Politics can be emotional, sure. But you can show emotion without capitalization.

You may want to spell-check. Undoubtedly if you spelled a word wrong, you are going to hear about it. Julie found that out when she chastised (or would we call that bullied) someone for a misspelled word. Problem was, she misspelled a word in the process and was then attacked - many times.

Creativity works. We award comedy points here. Make 'em funny. That's a good way to make a point.

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