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McCain's Veep speculation hits frenzy

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On Fox and Friends, Pawlenty went straight to the talking point of "worldwide celebrity."

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"It looks like they are getting ready for the emperor to arrive," he said.  "The facade is metaphor for production purposes, but there’s not much behind it. It’s the perfect metaphor for Barack Obama’s readiness to be President of the United States."

Two Joes?

As for Joe Lieberman, the buzz today is Politico's report that Karl Rove has actively sought to have Lieberman's name thrown out of the running.

"Republican strategist Karl Rove called Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.)  late last week and urged him to contact John McCain to withdraw his name from vice presidential consideration, according to three sources familiar with the conversation."

Rove denies this was true.

Jonathan Martin, the reporter who broke the news, has since written a follow-up  where he cited a conversation between Rove and FOX News.

"Uh. Look, I'm not going to get into who I call and don't call," Rove said. "But this report that I called Sen. Lieberman and told him, 'You call Sen. McCain and withdraw from the vice presidential' is incorrect. "

To which Martin responded, "I stand by my reporting."

What if it is Lieberman?  The Washington Times reports that an organization that pushes for conservative judges - the Committee for Justice -- have come up with a special plan that could make conservatives stomach the selection.

They offer three steps he could take to assuage conservatives' fears he would push for pro-choice, liberal judges: Recuse himself from helping McCain pick judges, promise not to run for president himself, and agree to caucus for the rest of the year with Republicans.

Get out the duct tape

As for Ridge, another pro-choice possibility, U.S. News & World Report today writes that he was the son of a meat salesman.

If that's not enough, there is more.  The Associated Press is reporting that McCain on a talk show in Pittsburgh spoke "glowingly" of the former Governor.

"He's a great American and a great and dear friend and I rely on him and I have for many years," McCain said.


As for bland, McCain at least added a little color to the overwhelming blandness musing that he may pick actor Wilford Brimley.

"He's a former marine and great guy and he's older than I am, so that might work," he said.

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