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Ron Paul supporters sound off on Christian Science Monitor coverage

Ron Paul has passionate fans, who are vociferous about the media's treatment of the 'most-ignored' Republican presidential candidate. The Christian Science Monitor got some points for writing about Dr. Paul, but the essay about his eyebrow? That didn't fly.

By Maud Dillingham / October 19, 2011

Why is this man smiling? Perhaps because he, the outspoken Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas, has the most engaged and vocal following of any of the Republican presidential candidates, despite consistently trailing Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney in the polls.

Scott Audette/Reuters/File


Ron Paul supporters are a vociferous lot, leaping to the defense and promotion of their favored Republican presidential candidate anywhere their search engines take them. The Christian Science Monitor’s comment forums are no exception, be they on the website itself or on the CSM’s Politics Facebook page.

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Peter Grier’s article, “Ron Paul: Are the media still ignoring him?” was like waving a red flag in front a bull, provoking a stampede of comments. Unsurprisingly, most commenters agreed with the headline, lumping the Monitor in with what they call a mainstream media blackout, despite the fact that we were, in fact, providing coverage of Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas right then and there – and recently hosted a Monitor Breakfast that featured none other than Dr. Paul.

Nevertheless, Eric Bahr remarked, “CS is an excellent example of corporate filtered, ulterior motive driven propaganda.” Ouch.

"Snarky Richard" pointed out, “If an article comes out asking if Ron Paul is being ignored by the media it pretty much proves that he is being ignored by the media.” Touché.

People cited chapter and verse of slights against Paul. Gena Cornett noted, “In one debate, all of the candidates except Ron Paul were given questions on the Fed – and that’s been one of his key issues for years!” John Zwengel wrote, “Yes, I think he’s being ignored. Not just less covered, but intentionally ignored." And Austin Lazanowski said, “I still meet people every day who do NOT know who he is, and mostly because they listen to mainstream news who only blurb 2 seconds worth of material every month on him.”

Richard Simpson had an idea about why this might be so: “On days when the Paul campaign does something newsworthy, the aggregate results Google displays almost always keep him out of the top stories and off the front page.”

We sympathize. The algorithmic choices of Google are something that bedevil the most seasoned web publishers.


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