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Terrorist plots uncovered in the US since 9/11

At least 21 plots to launch attacks on American soil have been thwarted. Here's a chronology.

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The Lackawanna Six, or Buffalo Six, are Sahim Alwan, Faysal Galab, Shafal Mosed, Yasein Taher, Yahya Goba, and Mukhtar al-Bakri. All six are Yemeni-Americans who lived in the Buffalo, N.Y., suburb of Lackawanna when they were arrested by the FBI. They were charged with aiding Osama bin Laden, giving material support to Al Qaeda, and traveling to Afghanistan.

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All pleaded guilty except Bakri. Galab testified against the five other defendants. Alwan was sentenced to 9.5 years, Taher and Mosed to eight years, Galab to seven years, and Bakri and Goba to 10 years.

Iyman Faris – May 2003

Faris is a Kashmir-born US citizen who was a truck driver in Columbus, Ohio. He was arrested for conspiring to use blowtorches to collapse the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Faris and others abandoned the plot after the New York City police increased video surveillance of the bridge. According to the Justice Department, Faris admitted traveling from Pakistan to an Afghanistan jihadist training camp in late 2000. He was introduced to Osama bin Laden, the department says, and admitted knowing that Bin Laden and his friend were senior leaders in Al Qaeda. In a plea agreement, Faris pleaded guilty to conspiracy and providing material support to Al Qaeda. He received a 20-year sentence.

Virginia jihad network – June 2003

Eleven men were arrested in northern Virginia on suspicions they were a militant jihadist network that planned to train at terrorist camps abroad. Four of the 11 pleaded guilty. They were found to have connections with Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Lashkar-i-Taiba, a terrorist group that targets the Indian government. Authorities said the men had used paint ball games to train and prepare for battle, as well as surveillance and night vision equipment and wireless video cameras. Nine of the 11 are US citizens.

Ali al-Timimi, said to be group's spiritual leader, was found guilty of soliciting individuals to assault the US and was sentenced to life in prison.

Ali Asad Chandia received 15 years for supporting Lashkar-i-Taiba.

Randoll Todd Royer, Ibrahim al-Hamdi, Yong Ki Kwon, Khwaja Mahmood Hasan, Muhammed Aatique, and Donald Surratt pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison. Masoud Khan, Seifullah Chapman, and Hammad Adur-Raheem were found guilty at trial. Khan was sentenced to life in prison plus six years. Chapman got 85 years, and Abdur-Raheem was sentenced to eight years.