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A mom's remake of a familiar Billy Joel tune became a hit with the kids.

When my children were small, I used to put my own words to popular songs and sing to them (off-key). Using "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, I would substitute: "Sing me a song I'm the banana man. Sing me a song tonight. Oh, we're all in the mood for fruit salad. But we're having bananas tonight."

I think my version was created while I was feeding my son a mouthful of mashed bananas, but I'm not sure. Maybe he was fussing; maybe not. All I remember is that it was a song that made my children laugh, and we sang it a lot around our house.

One day, while observing my children playing with LEGOs while I was preparing their dinner in the adjoining room, the original Billy Joel version of "Piano Man" came on the radio.

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Both of my sons began singing along with it, but they used the words to the "Banana Man" version.

I walked into the room to watch this special moment when my older son said, "That man is singing your song, Mommy."

Before I had a chance to explain, my younger son said, "But Mommy's words are so much better."

Felice Prager

Scottsdale, Ariz.

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