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  • Sherlock Holmes: movie review

    Sherlock Holmes: movie review

    As the famous detective, Robert Downey Jr. puts a grubby, fighting twist on the new ‘Sherlock Holmes’ franchise.

  • Brothers: movie review

    Brothers: movie review

    Tobey Maguire plays a returning vet in ‘Brothers,’ a dark drama about identity and the costs of war on the home front.

  • It’s Complicated: movie review

    It’s Complicated: movie review

    In the comedy ‘It’s Complicated,’ Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin bring intelligence and panache to their parts as a divorced couple having an affair with each other.

  • Sizzle surrounds ‘Avatar’ as industry anticipates new phase for movies

    Sizzle surrounds ‘Avatar’ as industry anticipates new phase for movies

    Technological wizardry of ‘Avatar’ is more than a gimmick and could transform filmmaking, insiders say.

  • Crazy Heart: movie review

    Crazy Heart: movie review

    In ‘Crazy Heart,’ Jeff Bridges plays a washed-up crooner who rallies – an old story told with fresh honesty.

  • Nine: movie review

    Nine: movie review

    Star-studded ‘Nine’ is a fast-moving musical about an Italian movie director with a seriously complex love life.

  • The Young Victoria: movie review

    The Young Victoria: movie review

    A portrait of Queen Victoria before she took the throne, ‘The Young Victoria’ comes across at times rather like a plodding royal pageant.

  • Avatar: movie review

    Avatar: movie review

    James Cameron’s long-awaited ‘Avatar’ uses the latest technology to transport viewers to the war-ridden world of Pandora and its indigenous Na’vi clan.

  • A Single Man: movie review

    A Single Man: movie review

    Colin Firth plays a college professor devastated by his partner’s death in ‘A Single Man,’ designer Tom Ford’s first foray into filmmaking.

  • The Lovely Bones: movie review

    The Lovely Bones: movie review

    Based on Alice Sebold’s bestseller, ‘The Lovely Bones’ turns on a murdered girl who tries to help her grieving family from beyond.

  • Invictus: movie review

    Invictus: movie review

    Morgan Freeman brings appropriate gravitas to his role as Mandela in ‘Invictus,’ but occasionally Clint Eastwood’s movie slips into hero worship.

  • Broken Embraces: movie review

    Broken Embraces: movie review

    Almodóvar and Cruz turn to noir in ‘Broken Embraces,’ a film within a film that draws on movie greats.

  • 'Up in the Air': movie review

    'Up in the Air': movie review

    George Clooney is a high-flying corporate hatchet man in 'Up in the Air,' who ends up on a flight of self-discovery in this intelligent, charming comedy.

  • 'The End of Poverty?': movie review

    Capitalism gets the blame in this talking-heads documentary. But the movie review points out that 'The End of Poverty?' offers few real-world solutions.

  • 'Everybody's Fine': movie review

    'Everybody's Fine': movie review

    De Niro plays a widower trying to reconnect with his children in 'Everybody's Fine,' which stumbles into sentimental territory.

  • 'Serious Moonlight': movie review

    The romantic comedy 'Serious Moonlight,' starring Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton, devolves into a one-room drama with a lot of yelling.

  • 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee': movie review

    Adapted from Rebecca Miller's novel, 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee' is an unconvincing exploration of one woman's complex past – and present.

  • La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet: movie review

    La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet: movie review

    Fred Wiseman turns his perceptive lens on the rigors and drama of dance in 'La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet.'

  • 'The Road': movie review

    Based on Cormac McCarthy's novel, 'The Road' is a slow trek through the debris of a postapocalyptic world.

  • 'Me and Orson Welles': movie review

    'Me and Orson Welles': movie review

    'Me and Orson Welles' is a heartfelt movie about a theater-struck high school teenager unceremoniously ushered into the mercurial world of Orson Welles.