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Diggin' It

The six plants I can't live without

Ten garden bloggers choose their can't-live-without plants.

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Alpine strawberries  - Regular readers of Diggin' It will recall that I've gone on and on about these before. I'll just link to one of those previous posts and say I haven't changed my opinion a bit. Small handfuls of tiny, tasty strawberries are a great way to start the day from early June through frost. They're perennial, they don't have runners, and yes, I grow them in large containers. Blueberries are a very close second only because you don't get fruit the first year after planting (important if you're establishing a new garden). And there are cultivars that grow in containers.

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Recent posts

Hydrangea - Ten years ago, hydrangea might not have made this list. True, I loved all the hybrids of oak-leaf hydrangea since my landscape at that time was mostly wooded. But I didn't bother with other hydrangeas except Annabelle. But then came the reblooming hydrangeas -- which are great container plants, by the way -- and I fell in love. I think I've grown all of the rebloomers (although I can't guarantee it since more seem to be released each spring) and I've been successful with them all. Hydrangeas from late spring through frost -- what a great idea. Now I can't imagine being without them.

Tomatoes- I compiled this list by blooming/fruiting time, or tomatoes would have been at the top. I simply can't imagine a garden -- or a summer -- without them. If I were limited to only one plant, a tomato would be it. Fortunately, I've never been reduced to that. I enjoy the heirlooms that are popular again but find that often they are troubled by disease and so I can't count on them for my main crop. The two faves that pop up in my garden year after year are Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and Park's Whopper.

Now you'll want to read about the choices of the other bloggers who are listing the plants they can't live without:

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{Tomorrow in Diggin' It: New greenhouse owner Alexandra Marks continues her Greenhouse Journeys. This was the first installment.)

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