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Chilled soup: green garlic vichyssoise

Green garlic is a seasonal treat and combines with leeks and potatoes for a delicious chilled soup.

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Finish the soup. Working in batches, purée the soup. Transfer to a bowl. Stir in the half & half and adjust the seasoning with salt. If the vichyssoise is too thick, stir in a little water, a tablespoon at a time. Don’t overdo the water – you want this soup thick and creamy. Ladle into individual bowls and top with chopped parsley. Serve.

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Leftovers. If you’re only going to use part of the soup in a sitting, only add part of the half & half to the portion you’re serving. It will help keep the flavors fresher and creamier when you serve the second portion.

More green garlic. Looking for other ways to use this delightful onion family member’s seasonal bounty? Try Pan-grilled Crostini with Green Garlic and Chevre, Marion’s Stir-Fried Chicken, Asparagus, Green Garlic and Tomatoes, or Linguine with Green Garlic and Shrimp.

More vichyssoise. In the mood for more cold soups? Try this nicely peppery Watercress Vichyssoise or Marion’s delicious Sweet Potato Vichyssoise, a family Thanksgiving tradition that frankly is a treat any time.

Terry Boyd blogs at Blue Kitchen.

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