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Pimento cheese biscuits and creamy tomato soup

A creamy, rich tomato soup and a biscuit, packed with the flavors of pimento cheese.

By The Runaway Spoon / January 25, 2011

Two Southern classic tastes, pimento cheese and buttermilk biscuits, combine as the perfect accompaniment to creamy tomato soup.

The Runaway Spoon


This may well be my favorite meal. At least, it has all the components of a few of my favorite things. A creamy, rich tomato soup and a biscuit, packed with the flavors of pimento cheese. A match made in heaven, a pairing perfect for the gloomy cold of January.

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The Runaway Spoon

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First off, the combination of two Southern favorites – the buttermilk biscuit and pimento cheese – is ingenious. It truly came to me in the most obvious of ways, like those old peanut butter cup commercials. Standing in front of the open fridge door the night of a holiday brunch party years ago, I spread some pimento cheese on a leftover biscuit, and it hit me that I could save that pesky spreading step and create a one-bite wonder. So I went to work. I doubt I was the first person to think of this, but that’s how I got here. These gems are the perfect pairing for a bowl of soup, but it doesn’t end there. A dab of butter and a little country ham. A dab of butter and some crispy bacon. Make that candied bacon and you are on your way to heaven. I sometimes make these in little cocktail size bites and serve them at parties, either with butter alone, or something yummy tucked inside. I am sure you will find all sorts of ways to enjoy these.

And tomato soup is perhaps the world’s most perfect food. All at once a source of memory and comfort yet infinitely malleable and always new. A good, simple tomato soup recipe is a cornerstone of the kitchen, and this version fits that bill. It is a cinch to whip up but full of flavor. The best thing about a recipe like this, about making your own tomato soup, is that you know exactly what’s in it. No extra sodium, no MSG, no unpronounceable preservatives, just good, honest food. Use quality canned tomatoes, preserved at their peak of freshness, with no added salt or unnecessaries, and you can have this soup anytime. I wouldn’t frown on using frozen diced onions to shorten the prep time. And of course, this is simply seasoned with basil and garlic, but let your mind run wild – any herbs or seasonings that take your fancy. I personally like a smooth soup, so I use the immersion blender, but if chunky is your thing, go for it.

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