The Culture Food Stir It Up!

  • Tantanmen ramen

    In ‘Ramen Alley’ in Kyoto, top noodle restaurants compete for diners. Here's a recipe to try at home.

  • 'Dưa món,' Vietnamese brined vegetables

    Dưa món, dried vegetables preserved in spicy fish sauce, is a Vietnamese tradition that can be easily replicated. Use a food dehydrator, or just your oven to dry daikon, carrots, and green papaya. 

  • Korean stir-fried glass noodles, 'japchae'

    Japchae is a stir-fried mix of noodles, vegetables, and meat. Made from sweet potatoes, these noodles are available at most Asian markets.

  • Root vegetables with walnut sage crumble

    Apply the same method of a summer fruit crisp to root vegetables for a savory winter crumble. Serve it as a main course for a vegetarian meal, or as an impressive side dish along side a roast.

  • Warm potato leek soup (vichyssoise)

    Vichyssoise is usually served cold, but it can easily be transformed into warm, flavorful potato soup for cold days. Use your trusty immersion blender to blend this vegetarian soup to your desired consistency. 

  • General Tso’s chicken

    This history and mystery of General Tso's chicken has sparked much curiosity. Recreate the ubiquitous Chinese-American dish at home and serve with rice and your favorite steamed veggie for a better-than-takeout dinner.

  • Chinese sweet potato dumplings for Chinese New Year

    Celebrate Chinese New Year with dumplings. This recipe makes a nice template for sweet potato or winter squash filling flavored with Asian sauces and spices. 

  • Potato rösti

    Rösti is a perfectly browned, buttery potato pancake of epic proportions made with sweet, waxy Yukon Golds.

February 26, 2015

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More Stir It Up!
  • Valentine's Day dessert: Homemade chocolate truffles

    Valentine's Day can often mean a boring box of assorted chocolate. This year, give your sweetheart a gift tailored to his or her taste, homemade truffles. Black sesame seeds make a bold coating, but you can roll your truffles in any topping you like.

  • Valentine's Day dessert: Peanut butter cup butterscotch brownies

    Go all out for Valentine's Day with these loaded brownies. Use peanut butter or butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and mini peanut butter cups to make an unforgettable topping.

  • Dried cherry upside down cake

    Dried tart cherries and a batter made with olive oil and flavored with star anise and almond extract create a dense, delicious, not-too-sweet dessert – or an illicit breakfast.

  • Sweet potato breakfast cups

    Make an easy and fun breakfast to grab on the go with these egg cups. Use frozen sweet potato tator tots as the "crust" for your egg cups.

  • Four-ingredient maple adobo wild salmon

    This quick and easy salmon in a sweet and spicy adobo sauce is hard to beat. Serve it with a light green salad or steamed green beans, broccoli, or asparagus.

  • Balsamic beef stew with pearl onions

    Easy prep work and inexpensive ingredients make a rich stew with complex flavors that can easily be frozen and saved for later.

  • Perfect popovers

    Popovers make a savory sidekick for soup. You can also serve them with butter and jam for breakfast or make mini melted sandwiches out of them for lunch.

  • Creamy roasted garlic & potato soup

    Roasted garlic blended with onions, potatoes, and a splash of cream makes a rich soup with a sweet, nutty flavor. Extra potatoes and frozen stock get put to good use in this vegetarian recipe.

  • Indian spiced butternut soup in the slow cooker

    Come home to a warm and inviting house filled with savory smells and this easy soup ready for dinner. Serve with a dollop of yogurt swirled on top and some warm naan on the side.

  • Microwaved miso eggplant

    Skip the salting and frying often associated with eggplant, and try a miso marinade and the microwave. In just 10 minutes you'll have a salty, sweet, and spicy side dish.