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March 31, 2015

Photos of the day 03/31

A supporter of presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressive Congress (APC) party celebrates in Kano, Nigeria. Nigeria's opposition APC declared an election victory on Tuesday for former military ruler Buhari and said Africa's most populous nation was witnessing history with its first democratic transfer of...

More Stir It Up!
  • Homemade chorizo (Mexican spiced sausage)

    Chorizos made with poblano peppers have a sweet fruity flavor with hints of cherry, prune, and fig. Enjoy them as sliders with a side of fresh guacamole.

  • Pistachio cake for St. Patrick's Day

    Looking for a St. Patrick's Day dessert in a hurry? Use pistachio pudding mix to doctor up a package of yellow cake mix and voila! A festive mint-green cake.

  • St. Patrick's Day: Slow-cooker corned beef reubens

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with corned beef sandwiches using a corned beef round prepared in the slow cooker.

  • Sweet Irish soda bread

    Irish soda bread is a traditional treat for St. Patrick's Day. This sweeter version, called 'Spotted Dog' and made with dried fruit, is not considered traditional by Irish soda bread purists but it is still delicious.

  • Key lime pie

    Serve the bright flavors of key lime pie for Pi Day (3.14) and then save a slice for a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Pi Day: Caramelized banana cream pie

    Get ready for Pi Day (3.14) with this delicious salted-caramel banana cream pie topped with toasted coconut on a graham cracker crust.

  • Oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies

    Hearty and comforting cookies for the last lingering days of snow and cold.

  • Thai salmon curry

    Salmon curry is so simple you can make it in 30 minutes or less. Just be sure to use fresh Thai basil for the best taste.

  • Mason jar salads

    Even though the temperatures outside are hovering just above freezing and the sidewalks are slick with ice, give yourself a break from comfort foods by packing a mason jar salad for lunch.

  • Raita – Cucumber herb yogurt sauce

    Refreshing raita cools down spicy foods and adds flavor to dishes like curried cauliflower, stewed lentils, roasted eggplant, or spiced lamb kebabs.