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  • Cookbooks for grilling outdoors

    These seven, recently released cookbooks could give you the steps and recipes you need to have a grill-tastic summer, whatever your tastes or skill level may be.

  • Spiced marble pound cake

    To honor the retirement of a longtime colleague, we presented him with a spiced marble Bundt cake made from a 1971 Monitor recipe.

  • 26 strawberry recipes

    To celebrate the return of strawberry season, try some of these delicious Stir It Up! recipes.

  • Coconut cream cheese pound cake

    A simple Bundt cake, frosted or not, is the perfect dessert for warmer weather. This buttery pound cake comes out velvety with a soft crumb. Serve it with fresh fruit, or all on its own.

  • Orange chocolate chunk Bundt cake

    This decadent orange Bundt cake is loaded with chocolate chunks, and then topped with a chocolate ganache. Easily transportable – even by bike – Bundt cakes are great for parties and get-togethers.

  • Coconut lime Bundt cake

    Low maintenance and easy to share, Bundt cakes might be one of life's secrets to happiness. This coconut Bundt cake is a winner, with or without the added tang of lime juice and zest. 

  • Scallops with smoky chipotle butter, tomato salad, and cornbread

    All are good on their own, but together scallops with smoky chipotle butter, tomato salad, and cornbread are a restaurant-inspired meal.

  • Herbed rice and cucumber salad with wild garlic

    To make a bowl of rice more interesting and nutritious, add cucumbers and fresh herbs.

  • Strawberry curd and almond cookies

    Strawberries are back in season! Strawberry curd makes an elegant and unique dessert. Spread it on toast or almost any other baked good, use it to fill a cake, or pair it with buttery almond cookies.

  • Tasting a 'sense of place' in French chèvre: Salad with baked goat cheese

    Disks of Crottin, a classic French goat cheese, are baked on buttery toasts, then placed atop a simple salad of mixed greens and Dijon mustard vinaigrette to produce a classic bistro dish.

  • Thirty-minute fudge cake

    You can tell a recipe is good when your co-workers leave nary a crumb. This take on Texas Fudge Cake has the added bonus of being a quick and simple recipe to produce.

  • Zucchini muffins every mom will love

    Whether you're trying to get more veggies into your little one's diet, or you're surprising Mom on a special occasion, these zucchini muffins will bring a smile to faces of all ages.

  • Roasted asparagus with poached eggs

    Roasted asparagus spears are topped with sautéed bacon and shallots and a poached egg for a light lunch.

  • Quinoa and oven-roasted salmon salad

    This tried-and-true technique for oven-roasted salmon can serve as a quick way to prepare salmon when an outdoor grill isn't available.

  • Coconut scones

    Made with coconut oil, grated coconut, and dusted with cinnamon sugar, these scones are just the right amount of sweet.

  • Glazed lemon cookies

    A sweet lemon cookie is topped with a tart lemon glaze. Work ahead so your dough has time to firm up in the freezer.  

  • Meatless Monday: One-pot pasta

    Sometimes a multi-step dinner is just too much. For those stressful weeknights, or a night 'Chef Dad' is on duty, this one-pot pasta is a great solution. 

  • Cinco de Mayo recipe: tacos de carnitas

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a traditional Mexican dish. Shredded pork soft tacos are easy, economical, and delicious tacos made with braised pork.

  • Gluten-free almond cookies

    Whether you're gluten-free or just experimenting in the kitchen, almond meal is a great flour substitute. These simple cookies are flexible, stick with just three ingredients for a quick bake, or jazz them up with a few extras.

  • Navarin d’agneau: A French lamb stew for spring

    Lamb Navarin combines lamb, peas, carrots, new potatoes, and turnips for a spring stew that is hearty, but lighter tasting than beef stew.