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  • Gluten-free: 18 fabulous flour-less desserts

    Whether your household is entirely gluten-free, you're expecting gluten-free guests, or you're experimenting with a new diet, this list will satisfy dessert cravings of all sorts. 

  • Silken chocolate mousse

    Don’t even bother with the words, 'vegan' and 'tofu.' Just let 'silken chocolate mousse' roll off the tongue. It’s as creamy and delicious as it sounds.

  • Stir-fried garlic spinach

    Fresh spinach stir fried with a few seasonings and garlic makes a tasty side dish in minutes.

  • Southwest chicken with chipotle cream sauce

    Bone-in chicken is an affordable cut, and makes the meat more moist and flavorful. Pop the chicken in the oven, then whip up a spicy chipotle sauce for this easy weeknight dish.

  • A simple, satisfying lunch: Savory yogurt with brown rice and pistachios

    It's hard to go wrong with Greek yogurt, but a few brands stand out in quality, taste, and flavor. For a quick, healthy, delicious lunch, top warm brown rice with Greek yogurt, pistachios, fresh rosemary, and a drizzle of olive oil.

  • 10 pizza recipes

    Pizza is fun and easy to make, and the different flavor and topping combinations in these recipes could satisfy any pizza lover.

  • White chocolate and macadamia nut blondies

    These blondies are a perfect combination of white chocolate and macadamia nuts. Toast and cool the macadamia nuts before using for an added flavor boost.

  • Who needs authentic? Try peanut butter on those sesame noodles.

    Sometimes it doesn't matter if a dish is culturally authentic as long as it tastes good. Rather than hunting for sesame paste at the Asian market, use peanut butter and ingredients you're likely to have at home.

  • Shrimp perloo

    Perloo with chicken, duck, shrimp, or oyster sausage is found across the South. In this version big juicy shrimp nestle in a pot of seasoned rice cooked with onions, celery, tomato, and and bell pepper.

  • Quick and creamy: Pasta with peas, prosciutto, and Parmesan

    Nothing says spring like the snap and crisp taste of fresh peas. Barely sautéed, with fettuccine, Parmesan, and prosciutto they make subtle, rich dish.

  • Memorial Day recipe: Sriracha deviled eggs

    These deviled eggs with a Sriracha kick are sure to go quick at your next backyard barbecue, cookout, or picnic.

  • Cookbooks for grilling outdoors

    These seven, recently released cookbooks could give you the steps and recipes you need to have a grill-tastic summer, whatever your tastes or skill level may be.

  • Spiced marble pound cake

    To honor the retirement of a longtime colleague, we presented him with a spiced marble Bundt cake made from a 1971 Monitor recipe.

  • 26 strawberry recipes

    To celebrate the return of strawberry season, try some of these delicious Stir It Up! recipes.

  • Coconut cream cheese pound cake

    A simple Bundt cake, frosted or not, is the perfect dessert for warmer weather. This buttery pound cake comes out velvety with a soft crumb. Serve it with fresh fruit, or all on its own.

  • Orange chocolate chunk Bundt cake

    This decadent orange Bundt cake is loaded with chocolate chunks, and then topped with a chocolate ganache. Easily transportable – even by bike – Bundt cakes are great for parties and get-togethers.

  • Coconut lime Bundt cake

    Low maintenance and easy to share, Bundt cakes might be one of life's secrets to happiness. This coconut Bundt cake is a winner, with or without the added tang of lime juice and zest. 

  • Scallops with smoky chipotle butter, tomato salad, and cornbread

    All are good on their own, but together scallops with smoky chipotle butter, tomato salad, and cornbread are a restaurant-inspired meal.

  • Herbed rice and cucumber salad with wild garlic

    To make a bowl of rice more interesting and nutritious, add cucumbers and fresh herbs.

  • Strawberry curd and almond cookies

    Strawberries are back in season! Strawberry curd makes an elegant and unique dessert. Spread it on toast or almost any other baked good, use it to fill a cake, or pair it with buttery almond cookies.