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  • There’s a pizzeria in your yard: Grilled pizza with red sauce, sausage, and arugula

    A new cookbook shows how easy it is to turn your grill into a pizza oven. Grilling gives this pizza with red sauce, sausage, and arugula a crunchy crust and a nice, slightly smoky flavor. 

  • Easy cheese quesadillas with ranchera sauce

    Good ranchera sauce can take a simple cheese quesadilla to the next level. Be sure to use fire-roasted tomatoes in this recipe.

  • National Ice Cream Month: Ice cream sandwiches are for summertime

    National Ice Cream month extends summer fun beyond the Fourth of July. Delight the kids or friends with ice cream sandwiches made with homemade chocolate chip cookies and stuffed with vanilla ice cream.

  • Gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free mini muffins

    Although many bakers avoid gluten or dairy free recipes for fear of dry, flavorless baked goods, these melt-in-your-mouth muffins will dispel any myths about nontraditional ingredients with their decadent texture and delicious flavor.

  • Red, white, and blue salsa

    Red, white, and blue dishes make a Fourth of July picnic feel festive. Combine strawberries, jicama, and blueberries into a salsa for blue tortilla chips or as a topping for grilled chicken or fish.

  • Sugar cake with blueberry-basil compote

    Simple cakes are the perfect vehicle for summer’s fresh berries. This one is topped with a basil-scented blueberry compote that is not too sweet, and lets the flavor of the berries really shine.

  • Miso-mustard dressing

    When it comes to deciphering the language of greens, use a delicious basic dressing like this easy miso-mustard recipe that tastes great on every kind of lettuce or vegetable. Try it on grilled veggies or tofu as well.

  • Elote: Mexican grilled corn

    Enhance the juiciness of fresh grilled corn with a butter and mayonnaise glaze that incorporates cotija cheese and fresh cilantro.

  • Avocado and walnut pesto

    This savory sauce includes fresh basil, creamy avocado, and rich walnut flavors to make a pasta dinner anything but ordinary.

  • 6 tips for making the most of your CSA

    Get ready to select, store, and savor like a pro with these six ways to put your community supported agriculture (CSA) share to the best possible use.

  • Bacon asparagus pizza with caramelized onions and basil

    This unique pizza features savory ingredients like mozzarella, bacon, asparagus, caramelized, onion, and basil.

  • Curried basmati rice salad

    This bright salad has curried basmati rice and crunchy mix-ins like onions, coconut, raisins, ginger and almonds to liven up any basic greens. Veggie and seasoning substitutions make for even more possible taste combinations.

  • Roasted garlic baja shrimp salad

    This salad gets a sizzle from across the border with delicious mix-ins like shrimp, tomatoes, and avocado. Its flavorful seasonings – garlic, lemon, jalapeno, and spices – make for a fresh summer dish. 

  • Apricots with Greek yogurt, granola and honey

    It's apricot season, and even though the small, juicy fruits are delicious eaten on their own, this recipe tops them with a mix of tangy Greek yogurt, crunchy granola, and sweet honey for a delightful snack.

  • Cucumber avocado salad

    For a refreshing summer salad, combine cucumber, avocado, and mint with a little olive oil and lime juice.

  • Buttermilk banana bread

    The use of tangy buttermilk compliments the strong banana flavor that makes this banana bread a great staple for your baked good recipe collection.

  • Buttery lemon stuffed eggs

    Highlighted by fresh herbs, a little mustard, softened butter, and mayo, buttery lemon dill stuffed eggs have a velvety filling.

  • Scilian pasta pie (aneletti alla Palermitana)

    There are as many variations of this dish as there are arguments on the island of Sicily. This version of aneletti pasta pie combines a hearty meat sauce, peas, and cheese baked under a pizza dough crust.

  • Braised Pork Chops with Chipotle Black Beans

    Canned black beans cooked with onion, red bell pepper, garlic and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce make a smoky, spicy, show-stealing side for pork chops, chicken and fish – or a vegetarian meal with tofu.

  • Apple oatmeal muffins

    Apple oatmeal muffins made with nonfat yogurt and whole wheat flour are breakfast treats as well as a quick pick-me-up snack.