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  • Rainbow cookie cake

    Christmas is the season for magical sweet creations. This rich, colorful, chocolate-drenched cake is a must-have on any holiday table.

  • Vietnamese braised chicken with 5 spice

    When it's chilly, nothing warms you up like a spicy dish inspired by warmer climates. Use chicken thighs, another inexpensive cut of meat, or squash to go vegan for this recipe.

  • Nutella-filled chocolate chocolate chip cookies

    Get ready for Christmas cookie season with these chocolate-hazelnut flavored cookies. Top double-chocolate dough with a swirl of Nutella. 

  • Cardamom beef stew with roasted root vegetables

    In this recipe from 'Home Cooking with Charlie Trotter,' a braised beef stew flavored with cardamom, garlic, onion, celery, and carrots is topped with roasted potatoes, parsnips, and celery root. 

  • Tomato carrot soup

    Substitute water for chicken stock for a vegetarian version of this soup, and leave out the heavy cream to go vegan or dairy-free. However you make it, this simple soup will please a crowd. 

  • Creamy turkey and wild rice chowder with toasted dressing croutons

    Had enough of leftover turkey sandwiches? Go for a warm and hearty turkey chowder instead. Tips on how to cut prep time make this recipe an easy post-holiday meal. 

  • Tennessee hot browns

    Do something different with leftover turkey this year. These hot brown 'sandwiches' are like individual turkey-cheese casseroles, the perfect lunch for a long weekend.

  • The first Thanksgiving: Wampanoag autumn stew

    No one really know what was on the menu that first Thanksgiving meal when the English colonists shared three days of feasting with the Wampanoag People in Plymouth, Mass., in 1621. But Wampanoag autumn stew would have been a seasonal dish.

  • Thanksgiving side dish: Potatoes au gratin

    Topped with layer of cheese that browns and crisps up while baking, this classic potatoes au gratin recipe is French comfort food at its best.

  • Turkey recipes: brine, fry, or a traditional rub?

    Turkey recipes for Thanksgiving range from brining, deep frying, and the more traditional oven roast. Here's a traditional rub recipe for a roasted turkey.

  • Thanksgiving recipe: Sorghum buttermilk pie

    There's no doubt about it, buttermilk makes everything better. A sweet syrup, either molasses or sorghum, blends with tangy, creamy buttermilk to create a light custard in this pie. 

  • Thanksgiving recipes: online resources

    Thanksgiving recipes are the building blocks for a successful Thanksgiving dinner. If you are heading to the grocery store this weekend, consider some of these online resources for finding familiar recipes, new twists on traditional favorites, and tips for a stress-free meal.

  • Lemon orange bars

    Love lemon bars? You'll love them more with a splash of orange juice. Amp up the orange flavor by adding the zest of one orange. 

  • Pumpkin spice cake with caramel pecan glaze

    Light and fluffy, with a good pumpkin flavor and texture, this pumpkin spice bundt cake is perfect for fall. Use store-bought or homemade caramel sauce and pecans to top it, but either way wait until the cake is completely cool first. 

  • Lemon chicken pasta

    A creamy lemon sauce over breaded chicken baked into a casserole with whole wheat noodles makes for a delicious weekday meal.

  • Turkey fryer: Is it on your holiday check list? (+video)

    Turkey fryer: The Southern tradition of deep-frying a Thanksgiving turkey in peanut oil is catching on. Some things to know before you try a turkey fryer at home.

  • Pumpkin maple cream cheese spread

    Do you love the pumpkin flavors of the season? Then try this delectable and easy pumpkin cream cheese spread.

  • Ginger cranberry scones

    These scones can be made in the food processor, and come out moist and sturdy. Use the dough as a template and add your choice of dried fruit and spices.

  • Lamb with celery and cumin

    Sautéed and quickly braised with whole cumin seeds, garlic, lemon juice and crushed red pepper flakes, normally mild-mannered celery upstages the supposed star of this dish, ground lamb.

  • Pumpkin gingersnap bars with gingered cream cheese topping

    These seasonally perfect pumpkin bars pair a spicy gingersnap cookie crust with a layer of luscious baked pumpkin custard.