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  • Apple pie à la mode smoothie

    Smoothies are a fantastic way to use yogurt, especially if you can get a deal at the store with a coupon. Blended apples, vanilla yogurt, and a dash of sugar might just fool the kids into thinking they're having dessert for breakfast!

  • Quiche with broccoli, mushrooms, and kale

    Quiche may sound fancy, but is simple to make, can be served almost any time of the day, and reheats well. Use broccoli, mushrooms, and kale in this quiche, or substitute your favorite greens.

  • Umami pork

    Throw together a sweet and spicy marinade for this pork dish, and use your pressure cooker to cut down on cooking time. Served over rice or buttered noodles, this savory dinner comes together quickly.

  • Smoothie recipe: Grapefruit avocado ginger smoothie

    Smoothies might just be the most convenient breakfast. A big glass of blended fruits and veggies will kick-start your day, and the combinations are limitless.

  • Butterflies and a taste of spring: Farfalle with peas, bacon, and sage butter

    Farfalle means butterflies in Italian. As a pasta tossed with peas, bacon, butter, sage, lemon juice, zest, and Parmesan it means delicious. 

  • Banana dream cake

    Dense and rich, three layers of moist banana cake layers are topped with a cream cheese frosting for a dreamy finish.

  • Easy kaya (coconut curd)

    Kaya is a curd-like coconut jam often served as a toasted sandwich for breakfast. Adapting a Martha Stewart recipe for lemon curd brings a taste of Singapore home.

  • Carrot and dill risotto

    Carrot and dill are made for each other, and the flavor and vibrant color of this risotto will charm family and friends. Serve it as a main course, or a side with pork or chicken and a green vegetable.

  • Cincinnati's goetta dogs

    What is goetta? A sausage widely celebrated in Cincinnati that can be eaten for breakfast, on a sandwich, on a pizza... and especially as a hotdog.

  • Chocolate chunk 'pizookie'

    What do you get when you make a chocolate chip cookie as big as a pizza? A pizookie. It's a mega size pie of deliciousness when a regular size just won't do.

  • Hake with lentils and sage mustard butter

    In this take on the classic French recipe Saumon aux Lentilles, mild white-fleshed fish and sage stand in for salmon and tarragon.

  • Mushroom long grain and wild rice pilaf

    A great way to make your own wild rice pilaf at home, minus the box.

  • Cast-iron grilled duck with orange confit

    The floral perfume of orange confit, highlighted by its scorched bitter notes, accentuates the rich gamey flavor of duck breast. The hint of sweetness from brown sugar rounds everything out.

  • Chevre cheesecake with hazelnut crust and fruit compote

    Chevre – mild goat cheese – and lemon juice give this cheesecake a tangy flavor note. The hazelnut adds a rich, nutty crunch, and the fruit compote a lively tart finish. 

  • Sweet potato chips

    Toss the greasy store-bought potato chips, and try these homemade sweet potato chips. As a quick and easy snack or a fun side for dinner, these chips will be a family favorite. 

  • Feeling smoothie: 8 smoothie recipes

    When you are too tired, late, hot, or lazy to make a meal, smoothies are the perfect anti-cooking antidote.

  • Creamy non-dairy tropical smoothie

    This quick and easy dairy-free smoothie is a great way to start a super-powered day.

  • Amazing apricot bars

    Sweeten up your day with these gooey apricot bars on a delicious shortbread crust.

  • Italy loses a gastronomic icon

    The Italian restaurant that claims to have created the famous dessert tiramisu is closing down because of the country's economy, says its owner.

  • St. Patrick’s Day: Colcannon (Irish mashed potatoes and cabbage) (+video)

    In colcannon, mashed potatoes and cabbage are combined to create a dish that will feel like a welcome to the Emerald Isle on St. Patrick's Day.