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'Grimm' will be an engrossing procedural with fairy tales, say producers

'Grimm' actors and producers say the show is firmly planted in the real world, but fantasy elements will add interesting twists

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Besides the big, bad wolf, what other creatures will you be dealing with on the show?
 DAVID:  I think it is fair to say that we’ll see a Goldilocks somewhere in there at some point.  But again every creature in all of fairytales is fair game.  So we’re going to be seeing a lot of those. 
 BITSIE:  What’s so cool about the idea of it being reality and what’s so great about his gift or curse, however you want to put it, is he can see a child molester as the big, bad wolf.  He will be able to see the Three Little Pigs in three greedy lawyers.  He can see right through them.

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How many people are in on Nick’s secret?
 DAVID: So far, the only two people who are revealed in the pilot episode are Nick’s aunt and Monroe.

What role does Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) play in Nick’s world?
 DAVID:  Monroe is the one outlet he has and I see it as a therapy session for Nick.   He can ask questions and make sense of things and I can only see that becoming more and more important in the show.

What is it like filming in Portland, where the show is set?
 BITSIE:  Portland’s got a natural eeriness to it.  You’ll see these dead trees growing out of the pond and they have moss amongst the snow.  It’s so drop-dead gorgeous.  I can’t believe how green it is.  It’s so wonderful!
 DAVID:  Portland is like another character on the show.  It adds this backdrop of weirdness.  Yet you could put your wallet outside and it turn into compost in an hour.  It’s constantly wet.
 BITSIE:  But we’re excited to be shooting there.  It’s a really pretty city.

Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee

What can you share about your character Sergeant Wu?
 REGGIE  What is interesting about my character is there is not much in the pilot episode, so there’s clearly more to come.  He’s basically not just a provider of information; he’s a sergeant, so he provides information with a bit of sarcastic wit.  No, seriously, I’ve heard that in the future that he has an addiction problem, which may or may not have some very terrible repercussions in his personal and professional life.  So I’m excited about that.

What is the relationship between Captain Renard and Sergeant Wu like?
 REGGIE  From what I understand, our characters are intertwined and it will become obvious who each one of us is in the show — that’s about as much as I think I can talk about.
 SASHA:  I think it is clear that I will play the antagonizing element.  We all have interaction with Nick and each other in the precinct, but it may go beyond those limits — eventually, it will go beyond those limits.

How does your character fit into the Grimm-aspects of the story?
 SASHA:  I may be one of the few who is not a creature.  I think Renard has a specific set of plans and goals, and Nick will have to either comply, or I’ll have to get him out of my way.
 REGGIE  I think to the degree that each of us knows what’s going on is fun ’cause some of us don’t know what is going on and we’re wondering why Nick is looking at people weird.

So if Nick is more in the role of a hunter, is Sergeant Wu more of a Grimm-enabler?
 REGGIE  No, I don’t think I am.  I am more a Grimm-obstructer.  But we’ll have to find out!

Why would you choose to take a role with fantasy/fairy tale elements instead of a more realistic police procedural show?
 REGGIE  Well, we’ve tried to portray it as if it were real.  That this is the real world where extraordinary things happen.  As an actor, you’re always kind of wanting to play something very real and yet something a little bit beyond.  So this is that perfect combination.
 SASHA:  It’s also a lot of fun.  There’s no limitation.
 REGGIE  It encompasses all the creativity of your imagination.  We push characters and storylines beyond what is conventional.  So it really lets you collaborate and get as creative as you possibly can.  Otherwise, it would be just a standard procedural.  Yet, here, we have something very unique.

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