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'Grimm' will be an engrossing procedural with fairy tales, say producers

'Grimm' actors and producers say the show is firmly planted in the real world, but fantasy elements will add interesting twists

By Tiffany VogtThe TV Addict / November 4, 2011

'Grimm' star David Giuntoli (l) says his character Nick's new powers will cause problems for him and those he knows.

REUTERS/Scott Green/NBC Universal


In the series premiere of GRIMM, NBC’s new horror infused fairytale series introduces viewers to a world that looks a lot like ours, but with one distinct difference:  Detective Nick Burkhardt has begun to see people as they really are.  Have you ever had the sensation that we are not alone?  Well, in this case, you may be right.  There are creatures hiding in plain sight masquerading as human.  But for Nick, this newfound ability to see through the illusions creates a world of problems – he must sort out whether these creatures are friend or foe.
 While at Comic-Con last July, the cast and producers of GRIMM talked with the press about what they know about the supernatural series so far and what viewers can expect. 

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David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch
 What have you enjoyed the most about GRIMM so far?
 DAVID:  What is really cool about this show is there are extraordinary things in it, but my character Nick sees himself as a regular guy and I find out extraordinary things are going to be happening.  It is the first time I’ve worked in something where people’s faces change, but the joy of it is I play it for the reality of what would it be like if it was actually happening to me.

Is your character aware of all the supernatural things in Nick’s life?
 BITSIE:  As Nick’s girlfriend, Juliette is not aware in the pilot episode, but what I do know is we’re truly, deeply in love.  However, since my character is now a veterinarian that is sure to come in handy with the creatures.  But, initially, I think it is going to be a little bit more interesting for them to play with the idea that she has no idea what’s going on and she thinks he is losing his mind.  Think about it:  if your girlfriend or boyfriend says they are seeing monsters — it’s crazy!
 What is the one aspect of your character that drew you to the role?
 DAVID:  I think the best thing about almost any character is when they go on a quest and when they have a great journey.  Nick in the pilot episode certain does have a great journey and throughout the season.  So I get to learn and change and my world is turned completely upside down and there is going to be a lot of suspense and horror, but I think that we’ll be having some fun with these characters as well.
 BITSIE:  It is great that he said quest because really it’s not going to be based on Grimm’s fairytales.  Any fairytale is pretty much fair game and some of that, like the “big bad,” has to do with themes.  One of the themes of a fairytale or legend is the idea of a quest and its cool having that run through.
 DAVID:  What is so cool about this show is there is so much Nick does not know.  He does not know who is good or who is bad anymore.  Everybody is a question mark. So that suspense really is alive.
 Does Nick’s paranoia not knowing what’s real and not real anymore, help or hinder his police work?
 DAVID:  That’s a great point.  The show is so suspenseful and scary and fun in that it takes the procedural and turns it on its head, in that Nick can see what he thinks are now criminals without having any evidence.  Part of his major obstacle is to kind of get the evidence after he figures out who the criminal is, using forensics and detective work when he has seen who the culprit is right off the bat — and not all these creatures are going to be bad.  So maybe he’ll be wrong a couple of times.

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How important is realism in a show like GRIMM?
 DAVID:  It is very important.  We want these characters to live in the real world.  We don’t want it to be an otherworldly kind of thing at all.  Moving forward you can expect more of the same.  The stakes get higher and higher as my character Nick has to keep things from certain people for longer and longer, such as with my relationships in the precinct.
 BITSIE:  It’s an insulated, episodic procedural kind of show.  Someone suggested that there might be a “big bad,” but we don’t know what it is yet.  So the show is definitely going to have a larger theme running through it, as we get more involved.

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