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Warren Christie talks about Syfy's new series 'Alphas'

Warren Christie, one of the stars of Syfy's news series 'Alphas,' is excited about his character and the show's script. 'Alphas' explores a world where humans have extrasensory powers and other special abilities.

By Tiffany VogtThe TV Addict / July 12, 2011

Warren Christie attends the ABC summer press tour all-star party in Beverly Hills, Calif. on July 26, 2007. Christie stars in Syfy's new show 'Alphas.'

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Syfy’s new series ALPHAS invites viewers to explore a world where humans have extrasensory and other special abilities. They are not super-human, but rather, super-enhanced humans. Whether it be heightened senses, the ability to read radio waves, enhanced strength or precision marksman skills, these are just abilities we all have – but to a greater degree.

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Recruited by a quasi-government agency, a small group of gifted individuals use their abilities to assist with crime-fighting. But with great skill comes a price, and because these people are human after all, life is not so easy for them. Viewed as freaks, oddities, or just plain abnormal, their only safe haven is amongst themselves. Social situations and personal relationships can be awkward or even impossible. Yet because they are special, they are also great at solving crimes that may elude normal law enforcement.

During an enthusiastic interview with Warren Christie, one of the stars of the show, one thing became abundantly clear: he is excited about his new show. Describing what drew him to ALPHAS, he was quick to respond, “It was the script and the characters. There’s an amazing element to it all.” He also really admires his character, Cameron Hicks, who is gifted with hyperkinesis, which is the ability to use muscle control so precisely that he has flawless aim and enhanced motor skills. In addition, Warren shared that he also really admired how, “[Cameron] keeps picking himself up and dusting himself off. He’s trying. He’s a recovered alcoholic who’s isolated himself. But he’s opening up. He’s a fighter."

The dual role of being so physically adept and attune while grappling with emotional stressors was appealing to Warren. He explained, “The physicality was a welcome challenge. I enjoyed it. I’ve played sports and been active my whole life. But this takes it to the next level. Emotionally, there is a lot going on. He’s in a bit of a rough place. It’s a very human show.”

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