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Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr. on 'Iron Man 3' and 'The Avengers'

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey, Jr. talked about their upcoming films at the Hero Complex Film Festival on June 12. Jon Favreau revealed that he might still be involved with ‘Iron Man 3′ in some capacity, and Robert Downey Jr. admitted that ‘The Avengers’ is turning out better than he could ever have imagined.

By Christ SchraderScreen Rant / June 14, 2011

Robert Downey, Jr. plays Tony Stark in the 2008 blockbuster 'Iron Man.' Downey, Jr. reprised this role in the 2010 sequel and will be back in 2013 for the third installment of the 'Iron Man' film franchise.

Zade Rosenthal/Marvel Enterprises/Newscom


Jon Favreau appeared at the Hero Complex Film Festival on Sunday for a Q&A session after a screening of Iron Man and Iron Man 2. As he reminisced about the lighting in a bottle quality of the first film, he was joined on stage by a surprise guest – Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr.

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Taking a break from the New Mexico set of The Avengers, Downey Jr. weighed in on how shooting with the other giants in the Marvel movie universe is going so far. He and Favreau also discussed Shane Black inheriting directorial duties on Iron Man 3 – and the inevitable challenges that lay ahead of him.

Last year, Favreau rather diplomatically asserted that the reason he opted out of directing Iron Man 3 was that he had chosen to make Magic Kingdom for Disney instead. Still, rumors persist that tensions ran highbetween Favreau and Marvel Studios during the production of Iron Man 2 – and that their bruised relationship was a significant factor in Favreau’s decision to jump ship.

Even after Black was chosen as his replacement, Favreau indicated that he was still willing to reprise his role as Tony Stark’s bodyguard Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3. He re-iterated this again on Sunday, but joked that his involvement is contingent on a particular list of demands (thanks to /Film for the transcript):

Favreau: If The Freak isn’t in it, I’m not doing it. If Happy Hogan doesn’t turn into The Freak, I’m not doing it. Here’s what happens to Happy Hogan, he marries Pepper Potts-

Downey Jr: Wait a minute, you want both?

Favreau: I want a love scene with Pepper Potts with my shirt on and I want to transform into The Freak.

All kidding aside, Favreau admits that he’s tremendously supportive of Black – and that in addition to playing a supporting role in front of the camera, he might be playing one behind the scenes as well. Downey Jr. revealed that he and Favreau consulted Black for some ideas during pre-production on one of the earlier films – and now that Black is calling the shots, he’s determined to keep Favreau in the fold:

The negotiations have begun and so far I’m in agreement on every point. Well Shane, interestingly enough, there was a point when Jon and I were stuck on an idea [with a previous film]. We were just in an exploratory phase. So I said, ‘We should talk to Shane.’ And I was like, ‘Shane, we can’t really pay.’ And he was like, ‘Bring me some salmon and some blueberries.’ And we went to Yoda’s house in Miracle Mile and it wound up coming in handy, particularly for a couple scenes. So what I can say about this kind of circle of life thing is Shane, as he’s getting into the process [to direct Iron Man 3] and getting his sea legs and stuff, he goes, ‘When can we talk to Jon?’ So there’s going to be this kind of conglomerate of efforts.

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