Into it: Ann Wilson

The lead singer of Heart dishes on the thrill of Led Zeppelin, the 'Dangerous Book for Dogs,' and Christmas with the Coens.

... Reading?

The last book I read was called Sway [a novel by Zachary Lazar]. It was a very dark, very interesting, intense book. I just started reading The Dangerous Book for Dogs. It's a take-off on "The Dangerous Book for Boys." So far I think it's hilarious. It's just really lighthearted. My dogs lie there on the bed and I laugh about it.

... Watching?

Mostly I've been watching all the screeners for the Oscars to make sure I saw them all. I really liked No Country For Old Men a lot. I love everything that the Coen brothers do. I'm really glad they got their big day, you know. I watched Bad Santa, [produced by the Coens.] That was pretty amazing. Yeah, Billy Bob Thornton is pretty perfectly cast in that one. I just saw Into the Wild. That was intense. I thought Ed Vedder's work was just great in it, too. I was pretty thrilled by that one. It's very intense.

... Listening to?

I listen to everything from all generations. I guess what's on my iPod right now the most is a Robert Plant and Alison Krauss album, [Raising Sand]. Boy, it's just got me in its thrall. Not only because it's Plant, but because I've always been a big Alison Krauss fan. And it's just amazing to hear them put their souls together. Before Christmas I went and saw [Led] Zeppelin in London. That was a thrill – it's really, really amazing to see [Plant] step out and do something that he can carry on with, that he really loves doing.

Ann Wilson released her first solo album "Hope & Glory" last year. She is currently touring with Heart. For more information, log on to or

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