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From humanly trafficked to humanely freed

A Christian Science perspective: A mother seeking a better paid job overseas in order to provide for her family found herself trapped in a position with no way out. Here's how her faith in God came to the rescue.

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Her original contract required two years, and she had surpassed that. She had also repaid what she owed – her entire first-year salary – for her visa, work permit, and airline fees. She went to the head office and asked to be released. They said no. She went every day, crying, begging. They not only said no, but said that if she left their employ, they would have her sent back home immediately. Though she would see her family, the more dismal employment situation there was not a viable option.

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My husband investigated sponsoring her, but his employment status disqualified him.

Maria was then at risk of her employer trumping up a bogus charge against her to have her picked up by the police, a common practice by employers who want to expel such “troublesome” employees and who don’t want to pay their airfare home.

She came to me in tears and said, “Pray for me, madam.” The window for her new job was open only for a few more days. The Bible Lesson that week included statements of truth from Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” regarding man’s God-given freedom. It was so clear in my prayers, clinging to the truth that Jesus said makes free, that God’s sons and daughters could not be enslaved, but rather naturally express love, joy, freedom, goodness, and harmony. Science and Health states: “Truth brings the elements of liberty.... The power of God brings deliverance to the captive. No power can withstand divine Love” (p. 224).

It came to Maria to ask for help from her embassy. The ambassador’s office called her employer, who claimed he’d never heard of her. Upon showing her employee ID to the embassy representative, the employer agreed to give her until the end of the month to find a new job – or he would send her home. Then he claimed that she hadn’t repaid her employment fees, which she had done two years earlier, although she’d not received a receipt.

At that point, I shared her story with my church members in the States, asking them to pray about human trafficking and slavery, referring them to the same statements of the God-given rights of man as His image and likeness. When I told Maria that my whole church was praying for her, she started crying and gave me a hug.

Just as Peter’s chains fell from him in prison when members of his church prayed for him (see Acts 12:1-11), within 24 hours, her old employer dropped the claims, and her new employer covered her work permit and ID expenses. She was also blessed with a room and bathroom to share with only one roommate, housed in a spacious apartment with a view and a full kitchen.

No problem is too big for the freeing effects of prayer.

Statement from Maria – the Middle East, and Mindanao, Philippines:
I’m crying while Madam Wendy is reading this to me. Thanks, God. I love my job now. It is very good and every month the salary is coming, and they are not as strict. God is good, all the time, here at my side, all the time. I call to God anytime.


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