Take Action

At the Monitor, we’re committed to providing the most illuminating, non-partisan reporting possible. That will never change. However, we’re also interested in providing paths to deeper understanding and action for readers who’ve been inspired to combine their reading of the news with an ability to act in a way that is meaningful and unique to them.​

In this section, we’ve carefully crafted a list of options that connect the topics of the articles you’re reading to opportunities to learn more, get involved and do something. How will you connect?

Connect with those tackling issues like global warming, clean air and water, and land conservation.
Reach out to organizations and individuals dealing with literacy, school funding, bullying, technology, social media, and other classroom issues.
Learn who's working on problems like bullying, gangs, congressional gridlock, refugees, wars, and violent conflicts.
Who to contact in case of flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, and steps you can take to help others affected.
Who is working to stop the trafficking of people, especially children and women around the world, both as slaves and sex workers?