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Photos of the Day

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (c.) and Dennis Rodman (r.) watch a basketball game between former US NBA basketball players and North Korean players at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium in this undated photo released today by North Korean Central News Agency. (KCNA/Reuters)

Photos of the day 01/09

Men ride a motorcycle and sidecar along a road near Reinosa, northern Spain on Friday. Spain's weather authorities have put out alerts of cold temperatures and snowstorms for several regions in the country. (Nacho Cubero/Reuters)

Photos of the Day 01/08

Switzerland's Alex Fiva (l.) and Canada's Brady Leman (r.) jump during their final run at the FIS skicross world cup event in Sankt Johann, Austria, Saturday. (Dominic Ebenbichler/Reuters)

Photos of the Day 01/08

A ray swims in an aquarium in Oberhausen, western Germany while a child touches the glass pane. Schoolchildren help in counting the residents of the different aquariums during the annual stocktaking. (Martin Meissner/AP)

Photos of the day 01/08

Sumo grand champion Harumafuji of Mongolia performs his ring entry forms at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. The Shinto ritual is part of the annual New Year's celebrations at the shrine. (Shizuo Kambayashi/AP)

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Photos of the day

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Afghan refugees are reflected in a small river while a man crosses it in a poor neighborhood in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on Thursday. (Muhammed Muheisen/AP)

A southern Sudanese man with his face covered in mud attends a rally in Juba. Sudan is heading for an acrimonious split but while southern leaders want political independence from the north, economic realities may keep them uncomfortably dependent on their former foes. Most analysts expect the south -- which produces almost 75 percent of Sudan's 500,000 barrels per day of oil -- to secede after January. (Goran Tomasevic/Reuters)

Photos of the Day 01/07

A visitor tries on a pair of battery-powered Wiper Glasses during the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair in Hong Kong. The toy is expected to sell at a retail price of around $12.99. The fair features about 1,900 exhibitors from 41 countries and regions, organisers said. (Bobby Yip/Reuters)

Photos of the day 01/07

Giraffe calf Katja nestles with her mother at the Opelzoo in Kronberg, central Germany. She is an endangered Rothschild's giraffe, born on January 2. (Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa/AP)

Photos of the day 01/07