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iPad newspaper arrives Wednesday. Can it survive?

News Corp. will likely launch an iPad newspaper today. Reports say "The Daily" will only come on iPads and will cost money to download. Can an iPad newspaper last when so much free news exists online?

By Dan MitchellVenture Beat / February 2, 2011

iPad newspaper arrives today, according to reports.



Sources who have seen News Corp.’s iPad newspaper, The Daily, tell All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka that the app is “both old fashioned and cutting edge.” In that way, it sounds a lot like Rupert Murdoch, a man with newspaper ink for blood but who, for example, saw the potential for satellite television way before others did.

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As The Daily prepares for its hoopla-filled launch Wednesday at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, pundits are debating the app’s chances in a news-soaked marketplace, and details are leaking out. For example, The Poynter Institute’s Damon Kiesow has amassed a partly speculative, but fairly exhaustive list of the publication’s editorial staff, which includes former employees of the New York Post, the Associated Press, The Atlantic, AOL News, and lots of other national publications.

Kafka says The Daily is “almost defiantly anti-Web,” given its standalone nature, its lack of aggregation, and its barebones Web site, which will be free but will feature only a “grudging sample” of about 10 of the day’s stories. The actual iPad version of The Daily is apparently very newspaper-like, though, with six sections and an early morning, once-daily publication schedule (though there apparently will be some minimal midday updating). It will cost 99 cents per week, although the first two weeks after Wedneday’s launch will be free as a promotion.

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Some of The Daily’s stories, according to people who have seen the app, look like any other newspaper story, but others – some of them with no text at all – are graphics-heavy and sport interactive capabilities like a zoom function. Reportedly, the app will feature 3D video, but that’s apparently coming sometime down the line.