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Heavy Rain review roundup

As Heavy Rain reviews trickle in, gamers wonder if they're looking at the future of 'interactive drama.'

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The pace

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"Like everything else in Heavy Rain, the scene was brief enough that by the time the novelty had faded, it was over and something else was happening," describes Chris Kohler in Wired. "It’s the Dan Brown school of storytelling, a fast-paced, Da Vinci Code-style narrative in which each chapter takes just a few minutes, leaving you on a mini-cliffhanger and switching perspective for the next segment. Once the intrigue picks up and the chase is on, you don’t want to stop playing. If it were a film, Heavy Rain’s story wouldn’t exactly win an Oscar. But having control of events, and a personal connection to the characters, makes it seem that much more interesting. I was hooked."

The flaws

"There are a handful of international vocal tracks in the game, and I can't speak for how well the French or Spanish actors performed, but the English voice track is a disaster," rants MTV's Russ Frushtick, who was very critical of the game. "It's possible that the developers at Quantic Dream, based in France, simply don't have an ear for a convincing American accent, but c'mon, hire a casting agent or something! Broke and desperate American actors are a dime a dozen! For such a story and dialog-based game, it's shocking that the extra effort wasn't put forth to get the right people in the right parts."

The final word

"For the players worried Heavy Rain doesn't pack enough action, it's impressive how intense and engaging the experience turned out," assures USA Today blogger Brett Molina. "The story is well-paced and exhilarating, bolstered by cleverly executed control mechanics. If anything, it's one of the year's most unique video game endeavors."

[We're pretty sure Kotaku's Stephen Totilo first pointed out the curiosity about adult and teenage playing habits. We couldn't find the article, but if a reader can, we'd be happy to link to it.]


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