Scoot Coupe enchants shoppers, frustrates lawmakers


The newest must-have green accessory: the Scoot Coupe micromobile.

Fitting somewhere between a scooter and a golf cart, this eco-chic vehicle zips around town at 45 m.p.h. – and at 70 miles per gallon.

The two-seaters from Panther Motors are street-legal. Scoot Coupe's smaller version (49cc engine) only requires a driver's license to take on the road, and the 150cc edition needs a motorcycle endorsement. Panther says that "an electric ScootCoupe is nearing completion and a retractable top 500cc Commuter vehicle is in the prototype stage."

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Their cute designs, open-air feel, and recent appearances on "The Price is Right" and "The Ellen Degeneres Show" have catapulted Scoot Coupe's profile. Tourists rent them for quick trips around Hawaii. Dealerships pitch them as an easy, novel way to run errands. And Google watched them hit "volcanic" popularity in online searches today.

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