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  • Amid Puerto Rico's financial crisis, communities fight to keep schools

    After 150 schools closed on the island – part of an austerity plan to close up to 600 – parents serve as janitors and students face up to a two-hour round-trip by foot to get an education.

  • Cover Story One town’s quest to join tech revolution – and what it says about digital inequality

    Greeley, Colo., offers a lens into how wide the digital divide in the US has become, how much it is contributing to a two-tiered society, and, perhaps most important, whether it can be bridged.

  • After Flint, are schools being more vigilant about tainted water?

    A number of schools and states have taken fresh steps to test for lead in water at schools. But parental pressure is still crucial to further action.

  • Can Flint be reborn through its public schools?

    Local partners are working with Flint, Mich., schools to make them hubs of progress – reviving a model of community education in the face of dire needs for the city's children and water that still is not safe to drink. 

  • What it's like to go to school during Chicago's tough year

    Danely Quiroz's school doesn't have enough textbooks or desks to go around. Kids can't check out books because the librarian was laid off. She's walked home past crime scenes. But she and her fellow students are not giving up.

  • Focus Connecticut schools: unequal – and now unconstitutional

    Connecticut is the most unequal state by income distribution, and that shows up in its public schools. Now, a new legal ruling is forcing the state to reconsider how to deal with those challenges.