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  • Chicken crosses road. Motive eludes officials.

    Chicken crosses road in Portland, Ore., blocking traffic and prompting at least one citizen to call the police. Police say they were 'unable to determine the chicken's intent.'

  • Long Island flooding: 2 months of rain falls on NY town (+video)

    Long Island flooding turns roads into rivers after two months of rain fell in two hours on New York's Long Island Wednesday. The Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway was partially closed due to the Long Island flooding, police said

  • Tiger selfies: Stop taking them, says NY law

    Tiger selfies are now illegal in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law this week banning the practice of taking photos with a tiger, lion, or other big cat. The tiger selfies are popular on online dating sites but denounced by some who say they are dangerous for both the tigers and the people taking the photos.  

  • Oil spill: Gulf oysters vanish after 2010 spill

    Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be contributing to a dramatic dive in the region's oyster harvest. Prices are up and the harvest is down, ever since the 2010 BP oil spill, but the exact cause remains unclear.

  • Michigan flooding: 'overwhelming,' says local mayor (+video)

    Michigan flooding, which caused at least one fatality, is 'overwhelming' and 'catastrophic' according to the mayor of Warren, Mich. Officials are warning commuters against driving in areas affected by the Michigan flooding.

  • Two-headed dolphin: 'similar to conjoined twins' (+video)

    Two-headed dolphin washes ashore on a beach in western Turkey, according to Dogan news agency. A vacationing gym teacher discovered the two-headed dolphin, which scientists say is a rare occurrence. 

  • Panda triplets born in China. How rare are they? (+video)

    Panda triplets born in China late last month in the southern city of Guangzhou, according to the official China News Service. The panda triplets born were only the fourth known to have been born in the world through artificial breeding programs. 

  • Kinder Morgan deal: Why it's a big deal

    Kinder Morgan deal will make the company the 4th biggest US energy company by market value. The Kinder Morgan deal will bring three additional companies under the Kinder Morgan Inc. umbrella.

  • Cat-gobbling 12-foot Burmese python snared in Florida

    South Florida police captured a 120-pound, 12-foot long Burmese python suspected of eating neighborhood cats. Researchers suspect that pythons are decimating populations of native mammals in the Everglades.

  • Despite sanctions, ExxonMobil (XOM) starts drilling in Russia. Putin cheers.

    Russian president calls ExxonMobil a 'model of cooperation' for its partnership with Rosneft in the face of Western sanctions against the Russian oil company. The energy giants are drilling Russia's first well in the arctic Kara Sea, an area with huge reserves of oil and gas.

  • Global warming: Deep emissions cuts needed by 2050, says UN

    Global warming will reach dangerous levels unless deep cuts are made in greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report from the UN. Limiting global warming is still possible, the report says, but will entail substantial technological, economic, and behavioral challenges.

  • Iselle: first tropical storm to hit Hawaii in 22 years (+video)

    Tropical storm Iselle swept ashore Hawaii in the first of a one-two punch of stormy tropical weather for the state. Tropical storm Iselle is the first tropical storm to hit Hawaii in 22 years.

  • Monkey selfies: Can a macaque own intellectual property?

    Monkey selfies have sparked a copyright dispute between Wikipedia and a British photographer. Wikipedia has rejected the photographer's request to take down the monkey selfies on copyright grounds.

  • Arctic drilling: Norway's Statoil comes up empty

    Arctic drilling by Norway's state-controlled Statoil has found no commercial quantities of oil and gas at the northernmost wells it has ever drilled in the Arctic. The year's arctic drilling campaign ended without any commercial discoveries, Statoil said in a statement Thursday.

  • Consumer spending rises, fueled by new oil money

    Consumer spending is up since the Great Recession, with oil states like North Dakota leading the way. New drilling techniques have opened up vast swaths of new oil and gas, helping to drive consumer spending.

  • Yellowstone drone: Why more drones are buzzing National Parks (+video)

    Yellowstone drone crashes into the park's largest hot spring, a park official said Wednesday. It's possible that the Yellowstone drone has damaged the prized geothermal feature. 

  • Otter attack suspect spotted in Washington State

    An otter suspected to be involved in an attack was spotted with its pups in Pilchuck River Tuesday. An 8-year-old boy and his grandmother were involved in an otter attack in the river last Thursday.

  • Is it cruel to strap an iPad to a tortoise?

    Animal rights activists are calling for a Colorado art museum to stop an upcoming exhibit featuring three tortoises with iPads mounted on their backs. The museum released a statement Wednesday saying it supports the exhibit with iPad-toting tortoises.  

  • Cobra rock formation: What toppled it?

    Cobra rock formation, a sandstone formation beloved by rock climbers, has toppled in southern Utah. The cobra rock formation got its name from its snake-like appearance, carved by wind and rain.

  • Fleas infest New York courthouse

    Fleas infested a New York courthouse, shutting it down for at least two days. Officials say they are working to remove the fleas that have infested the New York courthouse.