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  • California wildfire: why winter hasn't brought relief

    California wildfire spread through the dry foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains Thursday. A wet winter reduces the risk of a California wildfire, but the whole state is experiencing historically dry conditions.

  • Bristol Bay salmon: EPA warns of threat from mining

    Bristol Bay salmon are threatened by mining in the Bristol Bay region, according to a new assessment by the US Environmental Protection Agency. A large-scale copper and gold mine could have devastating effects on Bristol Bay salmon and other wildlife, the EPA says.

  • Blackie the hippo: Why was he put down?

    Blackie the hippo, a Nile hippopotamus believed to be the oldest in North America, was put down Monday at an Ohio zoo. Blackie the hippo was about 59 years old, while most hippos live to 30 or 40 years in the wild.

  • Cracks in Arctic ice sucking in toxic mercury, study finds

    Air currents above cracks in Arctic ice are drawing mercury, a neurotoxin, into the snow and ice, say researchers.

  • Rhino permit: Can you protect a species by selling permits to hunt it?

    The Dallas Safari Club sold a permit to hunt an endangered African black rhino for $350,000. Though the money will go toward protecting the species and the rhino designated for the hunt is old, wildlife and animal rights groups say the event sends the wrong message.

  • Natural gas pipeline for N.J. Pinelands rejected

    A 22-mile natural gas pipeline in New Jersey ignited a classic jobs-versus-the environment clash in one of the most ecologically sensitive areas of the nation's most densely populated state.

  • Frozen Niagara Falls? OK, partially frozen. (+video)

    Frozen Niagara Falls came as a 'polar vortex' hit much of the US with extreme, low temperatures. Photographer Aaron Harris captured a partially frozen Niagara Falls for Reuters.

  • Volcanic eruptions hit western Indonesia

    Volcanic eruptions from Mt. Sinabung spewed lava and gas in western Indonesia. On Tuesday alone, there were nine volcanic eruptions, although no casualties were reported.

  • Fukushima radiation cleanup: Send in the homeless?

    Fukushima radiation fallout in northern Japan requires a $35 billion cleanup that's behind schedule and lacks workers. Police say Japanese gangsters rounded up homeless men to clean up Fukushima radiation and paid them less than minimum wage.

  • Pennsylvania court strikes down zoning limits on gas drilling

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday struck down portions of a law that stripped some of the powers municipalities have to decide where the booming natural gas industry can operate.

  • Climate change: The warmest November worldwide since 1880

    How hot was November? NOAA says average global temperature, for water and land surfaces combined, was 56.6 degrees F (13.7 Celsius). It was the 37th consecutive November with above-average temperatures.

  • Shanghai smog hits extremely dangerous levels

    Shanghai smog closed schools and halted construction Friday as China's financial hub suffered one of its worst bouts of air pollution. The Shanghai smog is attributed to coal burning, car exhaust, factory pollution and weather patterns.  

  • Eagle deaths: US to let wind energy kill eagles

    Eagle deaths from some wind farms will get a federal pass for up to 30 years in an effort to foster clean energy growth. Wind power is a pollution-free energy intended to ease global warming, but turbines have caused at least 67 eagle deaths since 2008, according to a federal study.

  • Florida bear attack injures woman walking dog

    Florida bear attack leaves a woman injured but alive in central Florida. The Florida bear attack came Monday evening as the woman was walking her dog in the Orlando suburb of Longwood.

  • Maui shark attack is 13th this year in Hawaii (+video)

    Maui shark attack is the eighth this year near Maui and the 13th shark attack statewide. With the latest Maui shark attack, officials are unsure as to why the incidents are occurring more frequently than usual.

  • Sedalia explosion: Gas pipeline ruptures in Missouri

    Sedalia explosion: A 30-inch natural gas pipeline rupture caused an explosion north of Sedalia, Mo., Thursday night. The fire caused by the explosion could be seen 12 miles away.

  • Oil prices fall after Iran nuclear deal (+video)

    Oil prices dropped below $94 a barrel Monday as Iran reached a deal with six world powers on the country's nuclear program. The agreement dropped oil prices 92 cents to $93.92 in midday trading in New York. 

  • Explosion of gas tanks injures five in Wyoming

    Wyoming gas tanks explosion is under investigation as federal investigators head to scene. Contract workers were welding in Wyoming gas field at the time of the explosion of five gas tanks. 

  • Hydrogen fuel cars in showrooms starting 2014

    Hydrogen fuel cars will be offered by Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota, starting as early as next spring. Hydrogen fuel cars cause no air pollution and can be refueled like gasoline-powered cars, but fueling stations are scarce.

  • Tesla battery fires get NHTSA probe

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into battery fires in Tesla Model S electric cars. The Tesla fires broke out in two of the cars in the U.S. after the undercarriage hit metal road debris.