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  • Ukraine crisis: Slovakia says Russian gas supply cut in half (+video)

    Russian gas supplies to Slovakia dropped by 50 percent in the past day, according to Slovakia's government. The report has raised concerns over a potential disruption of gas flows to Europe as winter approaches. Already, Ukraine is preparing for a winter without crucial heating gas, as it tries to negotiate a temporary deal with Russia and the EU.

  • California bans plastic bags: what you need to know

    California bans plastic bags in what is the nation's first statewide ban. Here are six things to know about the landmark legislation:

  • 35,000 walrus in Alaska: Why they came ashore (+video)

    35,000 walrus in Alaska sought refuge onshore, without the usual sea ice to rest on, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The gathering of 35,000 walrus in Alaska is a phenomenon that has accompanied the loss of summer sea ice as the climate has warmed.

  • $1 billion recreation spending fueled by sagebrush, study says

    $1 billion in recreation spending helped boost economies in 11 Western states and helped efforts to protect greater sage-grouse habitat last year, according to a study commissioned by Pew Charitable Trusts. The $1 billion in recreation spending came mostly from hunters, campers, fishermen, and others.

  • Half of global wildlife populations declined since 1970, says WWF

    The worst decline was among populations of freshwater species, which fell by 76 percent over the four decades to 2010, while marine and terrestrial numbers both fell by 39 percent.

  • Mt. St Helens: Is it ready to erupt again?

    Mt. St. Helens awoke from an 18-year slumber roughly 10 years ago. Now, scientists are saying it looks like Mt. St. Helens 'is getting ready to erupt again and it can happen in the order of years to decades.'

  • Phoenix storms: Residents clean up after damaging storms

    Phoenix storms swept through the region over the weekend, taking out trees, light poles, and power lines. Residents and utility workers are cleaning up after a damaging series of Phoenix storms.

  • Earthquake swarm: What caused hundreds of mini-quakes?

    An earthquake swarm hit Mammoth Lakes late last week, with more than 600 earthquakes hitting the region within 24 hours. The earthquake swarm is not connected to volcanic activity, scientists say.

  • Fatal bear attack in New Jersey 'a rare occurrence,' says official

    A fatal bear attack in New Jersey that killed a hiker over the weekend is being investigated. State and local officials stressed that bear attacks in New Jersey are rare.

  • Climate change activists 'flood' Wall Street (+video)

    As a part of Climate Week events, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in lower Manhattan's financial district to warn that climate change is destroying Earth. The organizers of #FloodWallStreet said the sit-in aimed to disrupt business in the financial district by targeting 'corporate polluters and those profiting from the fossil fuel industry.'

  • Climate change activists plan Wall Street protest (+video)

    Climate activists on Monday planned to flood Wall Street to protest what they say is corporate and economic institutions' role in the climate crisis. It comes a day after hundreds of thousands of activists participated in the People's Climate March through Manhattan warning that climate change is destroying the Earth.

  • People's Climate March urges climate change action (+video)

    Demonstrators in the People's Climate March Sunday urged policymakers to take quick action on climate change. The New York People's Climate March was one of a series of events held around the world to raise awareness about climate change.

  • Can UN climate summit make real impact on rising temperatures?

    More than 120 world leaders will attend this week's UN climate summit in New York City, but viewed as a political event, the summit is unlikely to affect real change.

  • New Zealand colossal squid: Rare, close-up look (+video)

    New Zealand colossal squid sometimes inhabit the world of fiction and imagination, but have rarely been seen in daylight. That changed Tuesday when scientists in New Zealand got a long-anticipated chance to thaw out a colossal squid and inspect it.

  • Russian gas to Poland drops mysteriously by almost a quarter

    Russian gas deliveries to Poland were down 24 percent this week, Poland's gas monopoly said Wednesday. It remains unclear as to why Russian gas supplies to Poland were nearly a quarter lower than normal, and the drop is having knock-on effects in Ukraine.

  • I-15 washout: Floods close busy highway stretch (+video)

    Drivers were told to avoid an Interstate 15 (I-15) washout in southern Nevada Wednesday, after the busy highway crumbled from intense flash floods. The I-15 washout could close the highway stretch near Moapa for several days, officials said.   

  • Byron Bay shark attack: Rescue attempt fails

    A Byron Bay shark attack in eastern Australia caused one fatality despite a beachgoer's brave rescue attempt, police said. A lawyer on vacation said he saw the Byron Bay shark attack victim and swam out to try to rescue him.

  • Climate change: Carbon dioxide levels at record high, UN says (+video)

    Carbon dioxide levels reached a record high in 2013, according to a new UN report, rising to global concentrations of 396 parts per million last year. It was the biggest year-to-year change in carbon dioxide levels in three decades, the UN said.

  • Phoenix flooding: Record rainfall snarls traffic (+video)

    Phoenix flooding turned freeways into small lakes as commuters scrambled to escape their inundated cars. The Phoenix flooding came after the city broke its all-time record for rainfall in a single day.

  • Flood leaves thousands stranded in Kashmir

    A flood in Kashmir and eastern Pakistan has caused hundreds of fatalities and left thousands stranded. Indian and Pakistani soldiers are working to rescue those threatened by the massive flood.